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  • Starling Arrow Releases Debut Song “Wild Sweet”

  • American folk group Starling Arrow released their debut song “Wild Sweet” on October 7, 2022.
    Starling Arrow features 5 songwriters and singers, Leah Song, Chloe Smith, Tina Malia, Ayla Nereo, and Marya Stark.
    Starling Arrow was unintentionally conceived during the pandemic's lockdown. In the wake of canceled tours, the 5 musicians met weekly over Zoom to collectively sing and craft music during the chaos of a changing world.
    It was during these sessions from which the new album was born.
    The song is the first single off of their upcoming debut album “Cradle”, which is expected to be released in January 2023.
    It was written by Starling Arrow, Ayla Nereo, Tina Malia, Marya Stark, Leah Song, Chloe Smith and Rising Appalachia.
    “Each of us was tasked with bringing two original songs to record. While I had a few options of lullabies to bring, and even started recording 1 of them, I felt something else wanting to come through. Tina encouraged me to keep searching and in the wee midnight hours, I rediscovered this melody from the archives of my recordings.” Ayla Nereo said of the song. “The foundation of Wild Sweet was born out of a loop pedal improv on a New Year's sunrise set at a small festival many years ago. But the song was fully written during our recording process together in Asheville.”
  • She continued, “One of our songwriting prompts during our group mastermind had been 'polishing an old gem', so I dove into polishing this song seed. The lyrics came swiftly, inspired by the energy of being in the cocoon of staying at home during lockdown, as well as the cocoon of our songwriting immersion, and the magic of recording this album together. It was the final song to be written during this cycle of our collective song-catching journey and captures the essence of what we were gathering. Wild Sweet sings to the emergence of widened wings after a deep season of rest, just as humanity is re-emerging into a new season of becoming.”

  • Starling Arrow shared on social media, “Our collective of song weaving began at the onset of global lockdown, where we serendipitously found ourselves gathering around the virtual songwriting fire, tending the muses during a time of utter chaos.
    In the wake of cancelled tours, complex social unrest and the great 'rona mystery, we formed a weekly self-led creative practice/ accountability muse mastermind - this became a space for us to connect over writing songs, process the disturbances of the realm, keep our morale up, and track each other through the bizarre happenings of a world gone sideways.
    When we started meeting, we didn't have any plans for how long we would do so. Maybe a month or two. But the weeks kept going by. And life got weirder. And we kept meeting around the song, chronicling the waves of the collective story into records of melody and poem.
    The music we are preparing to release encapsulates a lifeline during this bizarre chapter.
    We met weekly for over a year, pouring into writing music for ourselves and each other, with no intention of ever recording any of it. It was really just for fun. Our intention was to keep growing as artists and keep the music alive during all the uncertainty.
    And yet, recording happened. We couldn't help ourselves but to document a few keepsakes from our journey together, which then quickened into a full length album of pure magic and 5-part harmonies to soothe the nerves.
    Now here we are, a few weeks out from sharing our first song with you from our apocalypse lullaby album time capsule.
    And we are so excited to share Stay Tuned!”

    Photo by Dan Hartigan
  • source : Apple Music
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