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  • Max Boyle Releases New EP “Change Is Your Friend?”: Streaming

  • Nashville-based singer-songwriter Max Boyle, who is known as alumnus of The Voice, released his sophomore EP “Change Is Your Friend?” on September 30, 2022.

    It is his first project in four years since the 2018 debut EP “Something to Hold”.
    The EP comprises 5-track, co-written by Max Boyle, Gabriel Thomas Broussard and Joey Liechty. Produced by Joey Liechty.
    Max Boyle said of the EP, “I've grown so much as an artist. I've come into my own a bit more as a songwriter and everything feels a bit more authentic. It feels finer tuned and more professionally done. It just feels like an overall solid piece of work that I'm very proud of. This EP has a bit of all the influences that I draw from. I'm pop, but I also say that I'm pop-soul, and also singer-songwriter, folk. I got all of that mashed into one. That's all in this EP. There are different elements of those things in each of the songs.”
  • Max Boyle explained track-by-track for the EP.

    “Bad For Me”
    “It's about how sometimes we can get hooked on to people we know are bad for us, yet we succumb to going back to them anyways because we like the feel of being with someone, not being alone, the highs that can come with it even if there are a lot of lows. Basically it's how we can get addicted to someone we know isn't good for our overall well-being, but just like taking a drug, we enjoy the highs and still end up craving that person.”

    “Sweet July”
    “Basically, it's about how I had a great month with someone, had some cool opportunities coming in, felt good, experienced an exciting change to a new city, and when the next month or two came – that someone and I had a falling out, the opportunities fell through, and I was alone in a new city.”

    “Cold As Ice” via Starrymag
    “I think everyone can connect with the idea of being wronged by someone and getting angry about the situation. The song also has a feeling of “screw it” or “I don't care anymore. I don't need you,” which also kinda translates to a feeling of empowerment. Not to mention, I think the melodies and production on the track are fun, intense and catchy. So, I think that resonates with listeners and catches their ear.”

    “Don't Make It Easy”
    “This song was written by my friend Gabriel Thomas Broussard. It deals with how in life and in relationships, sometimes things need to end when neither of you really want it to. But sometimes, life makes it hard. Careers make it hard. Sometimes, the right thing to do is call it quits, whether you still love each other and all of that. Sometimes, that's the only answer.”

    “When You Know”
    “When You Know and it's about how when it's right with someone, it just feeeeels right.”
  • source : Apple Music
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