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  • Jackson Welchner Releases New Song “When UR”

  • Canadian multi-instrumentalist Jackson Welchner released a new song “When UR” on September 23, 2022.
    The original song was written as a piece for Jazz Choir, and it was his first attempt at writing something pop-y and catchy.
    The song will appear on his upcoming debut album “Blink Twice”, which is expected to be released early January, 2023.
    The saxophone solo was improvised by the masterful Patrick Smith, one of Toronto's best young sax players.
    His goal with this song was to write a pop song that wove together three equidistant key centres as seamlessly as possible. The song ended up being in A♭major, with the verse starting in C and then halfway pivoting to E major.
    Jackson Welchner said of the song, “I wrote this song in 2018 as a challenge from Christine Duncan, and it's become the most fun thing I've written so far! There's a lot I could say about this piece, like it was heavily inspired by Brazilian artist Sergio Mendes and Steely Dan.”
    He continued, “Writing this song taught me that I can infuse nerdy jazz ideas into a fun, accessible pop-like song. Sometimes that's hard to do, but it's a reminder that it CAN be done. Melody is key to all of it!”
  • Photo by Assassin Bug
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  • source : Apple Music
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