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  • LOONY Returns With New Song “First Thing Smokin'”

  • Back in June 2021, Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Kira Huszar, aka LOONY released her debut album “soft thing”.

    After the releases of the album, she returned with a new song “First Thing Smokin'” for the first time in a year on September 2, 2022.
    The track was written by Kira Huszar and Patrick "J. Que" Smith. Produced by Akeel Henry, Marty Maro and Jack Rochon.
    LOONY said of the song, "I always get antsy when I’m away from home for too long. I guess I get comfort out of being in close proximity to my family and friends. The day this song was written, a close friend of mine had found out that one of his family friends had just passed away back home. We were in LA. He hadn’t even known she was sick. It was heartbreaking. He was like 'I would’ve done anything, I would’ve flown back in an instant, if I had known.. I had been meaning to go back home sometime soon just because, why didn’t I?' And there was this chill in the room, ‘cause every single person in the studio that day resonated with that.”
  • She continued, “It’s like, if you’re far away from your family and friends it’s really easy to get swept up in the life you have going on right in-front of you, and just that sentiment of dropping everything you got going on to find your way back to them when they need you, is so powerful and real. And not even just if they ‘need’ you, either. If they got something going on that’s important to them, some milestone, anything. Showing up for people you love. Doesn’t matter what it is, what country, what time-zone. The first thing smokin’. That’s what I’m hopping on to get you. And I hope I’ll get there in time.”

  • Photo by Daniel Kestenbaum
  • source : Apple Music
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