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  • Tegan and Sara Releases New Song “Faded Like a Feeling”

  • Canadian alt-pop duo Tegan and Sara, consisting of Tegan Quin and Sara Quin, released the third single called “Faded Like a Feeling” from their upcoming 10th studio album “Crybaby” on August 25, 2022.
    The song is accompanied by the Mark Myers-directed music video.
    It was written by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin. Produced by John Congleton, Sara Quin and Tegan Quin.
    Tegan Quin shared on social media, “Another track from our album 'Crybaby' comes out. It’s the Call It Off of this new album according to Sara; a simple, stripped down, emotional gut punch. I wrote three versions of the song before we recorded it; Sara kept pressing me to dig deeper, and what started as a love song, turned into something entirely different. In my substack this week I wrote, '…sometimes, writing about something you have isn’t half as interesting as writing about something you’ve lost.' I lifted some of my favorite Sara lyrics from an unreleased song of hers, so it feels like a true T&S collaboration; we even sing the bridge as a duet. While the song would have been perfect for fall, we felt like you needed to hear it sooner than that.”
  • She continued, “For the music video we tasked Mark Myers who directed our video for Yellow to create a simple but haunting video. And boy did he deliver! Also, wow was it hard to shoot a video at sunset in a busy park! But we did it! Also, did you know that if you swing for three hours straight you get intense knots in your back and motion sickness? ME EITHER! I nearly retched in the bushes a few times. Which if I’m being honest would have made a possibly better video. JK!”

  • Photo by Lindsey Blane
  • source : Apple Music
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