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  • Francois Klark Releases New Album “Adventure Book”: Streaming

  • South African-born Canadian singer-songwriter Francois Klark released his sophomore album “Adventure Book” on July 29, 2022.

    It is his first album in four years since the 2018 debut album “Love”
    The album comprises 9-track, written by Francois Clark Mulder, Sean Wharton, Brandon Unis, and Brad Simons. Produced by Sean Wharton, Francois Klark, Kristjan Bergey, Nick Tateishi, Velveteen Music (Brandon Unis, Brad Smith), Safe Spaceship Records (Scott McCannell, Santino Duran DeVilla, Ben MacDonald), and Justin Abedin.
    He vividly paints a technicolour journey through memories and stories collected throughout his travels and time spent in Oaxaca, Guatemala, Canada, and his native South Africa.
    However, the most notable muse who provides the vibrant tapestry within which the album is delicately wrapped is his long-time love affair with the places, music, art, people, language and culture of Central America and Mexico.
  • Francois Klark shared on social media, It consists of 9 stories from my life. Run with 'Pirates' in the lively streets of Oaxaca City during Dia de los Muertos, bike with 'Cecilia' through my hometown in South Africa, and throw 'Paper Planes' at sunset in Puerto Escondido.”
    He continued, “The album is a wanderlust memoir that celebrates life and being human. It delves into our longing to connect with others and our desire to explore the world we live in.”
    He added, “The idea for 'Adventure Book' came about during the first two weeks of the global shutdown in 2020. As the world came to a complete standstill I was able to spend most of my days behind my piano. Memories from my childhood, high school, and trips that I've been on in places like Guatemala and Mexico came rushing back and provided the perfect vehicle through which I could explore themes of wanderlust, youth, relationships, and faith.”

  • Francois Klark explained of some tracks for the album.

    “The idea for 'Cecilia' came about as I was getting lost in a box filled with letters and old school film pictures of me and my high school best friend. We've been friends since the days of oversized surf T's, baggy jeans, and Dawson's Creek mix CDs, so when inspiration came knocking to write a song about the formative moments from our youth together, it seemed like the appropriate way to honour my friend and the friendship we've shared for so many years. I had a permanent grin on my face as all the memories slowly came back to life during the writing process, and couldn't help jumping up and doing a little dance the first time the chorus groove in the production came together. One of my favourite elements in this song is the nod to South Africa in the guitar and background vocal parts towards the end of the tune – guitarist Heather Crawford took us in that direction during our guitar session, which in turn inspired me to lean into that world even further during the background vocal session. I had a blast making this tune – I hope it takes you back to amazing times spent with special people.”

    “I wrote this song during a time when I felt removed from so many things I once held very dear. It is a song about returning to and making whole again a neglected relationship.
    It's the perfect soundtrack for when you need a break from all the world's wildness. It's called 'Songs for an introspective voyge'.”

    “Paper Planes”
    “Late summer memories imbued with honeyed vocals, sun-drenched violin swells, and lush pop production steadily dripping like thick molasses over a sticky groove that blurs the lines between organic and electronic. 'Paper Planes' is a cinematic ballad poetically painting vivid snapshots portraying two lovers, unbound by the constraints of time and seemingly lost to the world, sharing intimate moments in a small forgotten beach town.”

    Photo by Kyla Zanardi
  • source : Apple Music
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