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  • Maggie Rogers Releases New Album “Surrender”: Streaming

  • American singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers released her sophomore album “Surrender” on July 29, 2022 via Debay Sounds and Capitol Records.
    It is her first album in three years since the 2019 debut album “Heard It in a Past Life”.
    The album comprises 12-track, produced by Maggie Rogers, Kid Harpoon, Del Water Gap anf Gabe Goodman.
    British alt-rock band Florence and the Machine's Florence Welch joined in the album as backing vocals on “Shatter”.
    Florence Welch happened to be recording at Electric Lady at the same time as Maggie Rogers, leading the two to lend vocals to each other’s records.
    She started making the album in Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 after "Heard It in a Past Life World Tour".
    Maggie Rogers told Apple Music, “I was ready to bite. And this record is the bite. But when I listen back, there's so much joy. I think that's the thing that surprised me more than anything—that that was the place I escaped to, and it was the thing that became the way I survived it, or the way I worked through it. This idea of joy as a form of rebellion, as something that can be radical and contagious and connective and angry.”
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    Maggie Rogers explained of some tracks for the album.

    “That's Where I Am”
    “This was right around the time of the U.S. election and the world felt dark and unsure. I knew for my own sanity I needed to make something that sounded hopeful – some musical world I could escape to. I watched 10 Things I Hate About You on the plane over and thought it could be fun to make something that sounded like it could run in the end credits of a romcom. Those songs always seemed so sure of themselves. So joyful. Everything tied up with a bow. A happy ending, that's what I was craving. Needed it more than anything. 'That's Where I Am' was the second song we wrote that trip and it came fast. I wrote the lyrics top to bottom in the same wild, 10 minute, clear-headed burst I wrote 'Alaska,' only this time with Kid Harpoon guiding my words with a 12 string guitar. It was a story I'd been carrying around for many years, the story of a love that had been with me and unfolding for a long time. The production was finished in a matter of hours.”

    “Want Want”
    “'Want Want' started in Maine during the pandemic in a small studio assembled over my parents' garage. I wrote and produced it with my old bandmate, Del Water Gap. It was really just about the fun of it all. Some bubblegum world to escape to in the middle of the isolation and darkness. The song found its final form over the next year and a half, editing and re-editing with Kid Harpoon until we found the perfect knock-your-teeth-out drums, the right growl of the guitar tone. That roaring synth, it's just a Prophet stock sound, but it always reminded me a little bit of the intro to 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath. The right amount of bite that still invites you in. The video is about sensuality. About embodiment. About freedom. It was shot in in one of my favorite karaoke bars. Sticky floors and fluorescent lit bathrooms. Everything in its right place.”

  • “Horses”
    “There's been only a few, rare times in my life when two songs have appeared in the same day. And only one time when three songs came at once. This was the case with Horses. I was at Real World Studios with my dearest collaborator, Kid Harpoon. On day one, I sat down at the piano and he sat down at the drums and 'Overdrive' came pouring out. I knew immediately it would be the opening track of the record. We started day two with 'That's Where I Am,' caught 'I've Got A Friend' after lunch, and came back for 'Horses'after dinner and a glass or two of wine. Tom started playing guitar and immediately I started writing. I looked up to ask him what he thought and he simply said, 'keep going.' I wondered if maybe it was time to call it a night and he simply said, 'keep going.' When I finished the words, I suggested we record in the morning and he said, 'give it one take.' That take is 'Horses.' It's a song about letting go. About wanting to feel free in a time where I felt an overwhelming amount of numbness. Sometimes I'm singing to a loved one, sometimes a friend. Sometimes I think I'm singing to myself. And I love that I can't always tell the difference.”

    “Be Cool”
    “it's about the friends that kept me sane in the pandemic”
  • source : Apple Music
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