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  • Sad Boys Club Releases New Song “Ignorance Is Bliss (Haven't You Heard?)”

  • London-based alt-rock band Sad Boys Club, consisting of Jacob Wheldon (vocals), Pedro Caetano (bass), Chris Holmes (guitar) and Tom MacColl (drums), released a new song “Ignorance Is Bliss (Haven't You Heard?)” on May 26, 2022.
    The song is the first single after the EP “I'm Not Afraid of the Death (But I Am Afraid of the Dying)”, which was released back in February.
    It was written by Jacob Wheldon, Pedro Caetano, Chris Holmes and Tom MacColl. Produced by the band's bassist Pedro Caetano.
    “It was a song that had a re-birth,” Jacob Wheldon said of the song. “There’s a sweetness about the track that for a while made us all a bit uneasy, it was a bit saccharine and it nearly found itself into Tom’s 'SBC graveyard' iTunes folder but I wanted to find a way to contextualise that sweetness to make it a little eerie and fucked up. I like it when earworms unknowingly carry a bit of malice in them, I guess it’s our Pumped Up Kicks. The 'I'm Not Afraid...' EP was very dark and came out of covid and all of that bollocks, it’s been nice returning to live shows, so it was important to come with something with some spice and sass in time for sad boy summer.”
  • Photo by James Polley
  • source : Apple Music
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