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  • Cassyette Premieres New Song “Sad Girl Summer” on BBC Radio 1

  • British rock singer-songwriter Cassyette premiered a new song “Sad Girl Summer” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo on May 23, 2022.
    The song follows up “Mayhem”, which was released back in February.
    She first performed the song at the Stadium MK in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom in April.
    Cassyette said of the song, “'Sad Girl Summer' is about being cheated on. It's a 'fuck you' song and I want people to feel empowered by it. Anyone that's ever been cheated on will understand that hurt. It's a proper rager in the chorus. I was so fed up at the time I wrote this, and I was so over crying over them. I wrote it over two days and on the first day I felt so depressed, and by the second day I wanted to turn the song around and reclaim the power.”
    She told Clara Amfo, “It was I wrote it over two days really quickly like and then I perfected it the day after I done. So I kind of was like getting a lot of my chest and then I was a bit over it day after like actually like, gave the summary nice twist because it was like a kind of need to sleep on some feelings and like, then I was rather than so sad. I was kind of like, you know what I want to like turn this around and make it feel really empowering. I don't want to be in that sad space anymore. Like I don't want to be that I want to get on with my life. There's why am I going to have a cry over someone that's broken my heart.”
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    She continued, “I'm such a cryer as well. I think I've just done so much cry. This particular person I was like I need to get a grip now it's time just got to move on onwards and upwards.”
    She added, “That's actually a really good way of putting it because I totally have like when you literally like BAWL and like wail. And just like when you cry into your pillow. That's when you know it's bad! You get this headache don't you like in the temples. It's like a pick me up, it's like, come on, Let's go out and let's move forward with this let's be positive.”
    Also, she released another new song “Dead Roses” on the same say.
    After the release of the songs, she plans to release an acoustic version of “Mayhem”.
    She said of “Dead Roses”, “I wrote 'Dead Roses' the day after I wrote 'Mayhem'. I realised the relationship I was in at the time was over and wasn't what it once was before. The line 'we're sleeping on dead roses' was a metaphor for that and the thorns were the pain I felt realising we had fallen out of love.”

  • Background Photo by Saffy Needham
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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