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  • Ludic Releases Debut EP “Grown?”: Streaming

  • Vancouver-based alt-pop band Ludic, consisting of Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Rhett Cunningham and Max Cunningham, released their debut EP “Grown?” on April 29, 2022.
    The EP comprises 8-track, including preceding singles “Judge Me”, “Instabeat” and “Brain Food”.
    All songs were written by Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Maxton Cunningham, Rhett Cunningham, and Ryan Worsley.
    Ludic said of the EP, “Grown? focuses on, well, growing up. Asking what it means to grow up. What it means to forge, nurture, and let go of relationships. How to survive the struggles of the education system, imposter syndrome, and understanding one's self. Ludic is trying to find their place and asking the question: are we ever really Grown? Or, perhaps, this is realizing that we are just always constantly growing.”
    The band continued, “We want people to take away our experience of growing through these songs and assign their own meaning to it as all great art does. We just want people to enjoy the EP, feel something, dance, cry, and more. Whatever they want from it, we hope they get.”
  • Ludic explained of some tracks for the EP.

    “Brain Food”
    “'Brain Food' is something we love semantically — you feed your brain stuff but instead of food, it's the craving for experiences, challenges, and subjects that push you forward as a person. It's also kinda delusional the way we may disregard the experiences put in front of us and look to other experiences that we feel will make us happier.”

    “'Instabeat,' inquires about success. Is it something that comes hard and fast, gone in an instant? Or does it build slowly and methodically? It looks different for everyone, but consumes all of us. “Attaching our self-worth to numbers… Do you or I really need attention to validate our efforts? Does this notion of success even matter? Or is it just like a nice car without an engine? Maybe we focus on statistics too much when there is more meaning in other things. 'Instabeat' was the name of the demo guitar riff we were going to post exclusively on Instagram. But when it later took on the theme of authenticity, we felt it fit super well, like the idea of making a song only for media consumption.”

    “Judge Me”
    “The song tackles what it's like to recognize harmful patterns in a romantic relationship. And the determination to mend all that is wrong because you are committed to your love for that person.”
  • source : Apple Music
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