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  • Sigrid & Bring Me The Horizon Premiere New Song “Bad Life” on BBC Radio 1

  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Sigrid and British rock band Bring Me The Horizon team up to released a new song “Bad Life”.
    They premiered the song on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.
    This marks the first collaboration between Sigrid and Sigrid & Bring Me.
    The song will appear on Sigrid' upcoming sophomore album “How to Let Go”, which is set to be released on May 6, 2022.
    It was written by Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, Jordan Fish and Oliver Sykes. Produced by evil twin.
    Sigrid said, “I'm so excited about 'Bad Life' being out in the world with the Bring Me boys! We're really proud of this one, and we hope it can bring some comfort :) It might not be the most likely collab, but we've been fans of each other for a while and we're so happy we could collaborate on this song. And filming the video was an amazing and crazy experience in itself!”
    The band frontman Oli Sykes said, “Jordan & myself wrote this song in lockdown, remotely. We loved the message but it wasn't really fitting with the brief of the record we are currently creating. When we found out Sigrid was a fan we felt like it was the perfect fit for her, although initially I was reluctant as I felt like it was such a special record. Then Sigrid asked if I'd duet with her on the track and that sealed the deal!”
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    • o4552tadeuM

    Sigrid told Clara Amfo about this collaboration, “When we met up in London, a couple of weeks after reading where we met, and I remember the sound technician of the day in the studio, he was the sweetest guy and he was really excited. I really was going to be there. And then I walk into the studio. I'd like two hours later, and then he was like, What is she doing here like this? I didn't understand what was going on. But it was really fun. Like that was the first time I also realized oh, this is this is maybe a pretty unlikely collaborate match. But it was such a fun session. It was really fun to see both our worlds collide and there's there's similarities in like melodies and vision. And we both love a lot of the same music as well. Lyrically, we come from maybe more different worlds, but it was really fun to get to meet me halfway there. It's cool.”
    Oli Sykes continued, “For me and Jordan, this is probably like the first one of the first properly successful times with like, written a song they've written for someone else and it's all worked out and it's like we've done a lot of stuff with other artists and stuff like that, having seen the light of day instead of eyesores. Sigrid maybe like five years ago live for the first time I was introduced by my wife. So like we were making the video the other week and I was a little emotional sexual outcome. How is this happening? Like I couldn't even sing at one point right now. How am I like one of the best singers in the world and like, really pushing pop music like how am I part of by making a song for this person, It's really cool.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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