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  • Dahlia Sleeps Releases Debut Album “Overflow”: Streaming

  • London-based electronic pop duo Dahlia Sleeps, consisting of Luke Hester and Lucy Hill, released their debut album “Overflow” on April 8, 2022.
    The duo shared on social media, “2.5 years ago we started writing our first album and in 2.5 days 'Overflow' is finally landing in your hands. Big time dreams 💛”
    The album comprises 10-track, consisting of two parts as the A-side and the B-side. The part 1, featuring 5-track, was released in October 2021.
    The duo said of the album, “The title Overflow was chosen because this is a record that features a lot of struggle, fight, bravery, will, hope, and ultimately, triumph. What we have now is an album about entering the very depths of despair, those who hold us when we're there, and climbing back out again”
    Lucy Hill continued, “The whole B side of this record speaks a lot about family. The period that Luke and I were writing the album was a very difficult one for mine. I have an unfathomable gratitude to Luke for creating such beautiful vessels for those words and melodies with his production. And to my family for allowing me to tell these stories. Being able to put all this into music has been a pretty overwhelming and powerful experience and I hope people can hear the love, support, healing in these songs as well as the struggle.”
  • Lucy Hill explained some tracks for the album.

    “Relationships, in all their forms, come and go, there is an inevitability in that. There is a joy and celebration to this song, despite the hardness of subject matter. Divided has that steadfastness, acceptance, almost stubbornness, despite its aspects of grief. What comes across first as anger, ends with freedom. It feels like a chance for us to be re-born as we release new music in our new form.”

    “Too Good To Hide”
    “Too Good To Hide is a song about running towards turmoil instead of towards the light. So often it is a battle to build the life we want because trauma or mental health issues keep us where we are. This is the first song on the record that touches on mental health, a theme that features heavily in forthcoming songs. And as with all these songs, this one ends with hope, something that exists for all of us as we learn to love ourselves and overcome our pasts.”

    “Close Your Eyes
    “We are in a period of increasing violence against the LGBTQI+ community, with hate crimes in the UK almost tripling in the last decade. This was splashed across the papers for all to see in May 2019 when two women returning from a date were attacked on a bus, their faces bloodied and pained. As a lesbian it spun me out to see these women forced into the spotlight in such a painful and violent moment, and it was these images that inspired 'Close Your Eyes'. Many like to believe queer people now live free from discrimination, in an equal society, but this is far from the truth, especially for the most vulnerable parts of our community who routinely face vitriol and violence - online and on the streets.”

    “The Calm You Keep”
    “'The Calm You Keep' is a song about motherhood.”

    “White Flag”
    “'Take what is left and gather it / The harder it gets / Find the ways you're blessed / I built a hole inside my head and / Walked to the cliff / Asked how long I have left' What started as a poem about my battle with mental ill-health turned into a song about my Dad's battle with his. It's the first time we've included spoken word in our music, including a clip from a voice memo sent from father to daughter. I've written poetry since before I wrote songs but have always been too afraid to use my voice in that way.”

  • Photo by Oak Welsh
  • source : Apple Music
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