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  • Rotten Mind Releases New Album “Unflavored”: Streaming

  • Swedish pop-punk band Rotten Mind, consisting of Jakob Arvidsson (guitar/vocals), Liz Panella (bass), Johan Sverredal (guitar) and Victor Nordin (drums), released their fifth studio album “Unflavored”.
    It is their first album in two years and also is the first LP with a new bassist Liz Panella.
    The album comprises 12-track, co-produced by Kristofer Jönson. The band recorded it at studio Turbinen.
    The influences from post punk and dark wave heard on previous albums are now even more predominant, contributing to gloomy soundscapes and darkened melodies throughout the album.
    At its core, the straight forward punk rock that characterizes their early albums is still a driving force in the sound.
    With frontman Jakob Arvidsson's distinctive vocals on top of the mix, Unflavored sets itself apart, unifying '77 punk, post-punk, dark wave, alternative rock, and garage rock into a unique punk expression.
  • The band explained of some tracks.

    “Die Young”
    ”Our hometown Uppsala is sometimes called 'the city of eternal youth' and that was something I wanted to write about. It's about friends who passed away way too young. It's about a lot of things. It's about eternal youth.”

    “Serpent Eyes”
    “'Serpent Eyes' is about feeling out of step with the world. Feeling like you're an alien everywhere you go, and trying to see society in your own way to get by. It was recorded by Kristofer Jönson (Jeniferever) at studio Turbinen in Uppsala. It's a natural develop-ment of our sound, going for a darker and bigger soundscape as you could already hear a glimps of on previous songs like 'Fyrisån' or 'Not One of You' from the album 'Rat City Dog Boy' from 2020.”

    "Drifter is a song about being on the run, but it was also written with a nostalgic and melancholic feeling. It brings more of an up-tempo punk beat compared to our previous single Serpent Eyes, while not neglecting the feeling of 80s new wave. The single captures the grand sound of Turbinen studio, where it was recorded by Kristofer Jönson."
  • source : Apple Music
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