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  • Simon and the Astronauts Releases New Song “10 League Boots” featuring Rachel Haden

  • British writing/recording collective Simon and the Astronauts, consisting of Simon Wells, Ben Hewerdine and Chris Pepper, will release their upcoming second self-titled album on April 22, 2022.
    It is their first album in three years. The band teamed up with American singer-songwriter Rachel Haden on the album.
    From the album, the band unveiled the first single called “10 League Boots” on January 25, 2022.
    The track's lyrics inspired by Rachel Haden's Jazz legend father Charlie Haden and the blessing of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo to interpolate their song “Surf Wax America”.
    Simon Wells said of the song, “It's a song about change for yourself or whatever you choose. It's my take on Seven-league boots to make your own moonshot.”
    Seven-league boots are an element in European folklore. The boots allow the person wearing them to take strides of seven leagues per step, resulting in great speed. The boots are often presented by a magical character to the protagonist to aid in the completion of a significant task.
  • The new album comprises 12-track, working remotely between Pepper's studio in Cambridge and Rachel Haden's base in Los Angeles.
    The album is a tribute to the possibilities of the global sharing of ideas. Each track bouncing between countries and continents, heading to its next destination richer and more developed.
    Simon Wells said of the album, “The album has always been a pleasure for me. They can be a mystery that can start with the name of the band, a track on the radio or just the artwork. 'Dark Side Of The Moon' is an obvious example for me. Or 'Kid A' or 'Universal Human' by Weezer. For this recording, I wanted to capture the album mystery and for everyone involved to be part of the ride. It had to be about playing side A and turning the vinyl to hear the rest of the album and finish the journey/story. This all begins with the songwriting process through to the mixing and mastering. People always make the difference and the joy from hearing Rachel sing with such emotion made the songs complete.”
  • source : Apple Music
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