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  • Grace Davies Releases New EP “i wonder if you wonder”: Streaming

  • British singer-songwriter Grace Davies released her long-awaited sophomore EP “i wonder if you wonder” on November 26, 2021.
    Initially, the EP was supposed to be released on November 12th, but it was delayed.
    The EP comprises 6-track, including the previous 5 songs and a new song “somebody”.
    Grace Davies shared on social media, “The moment i got sent these beautiful strings, i knew this song represented the music i've wanted to make my entire life 💞 my EP is out at midnight and i could not be more excited… this collection of songs is my proudest achievement.”
    The EP features the story of her musical career. She said, “The songs are the six stages of a relationship going wrong; I'm looking for love, finding it, losing it. The EP captures my many emotions – happy, sad, angry, upset, feeling lost, grief. I get progressively worse until I finally reach the 'fuck you' stage. The concept came after the songs, which were written a few years apart. I realised that if I put them in a particular order, they would tell a story, but really they're just ballads about my still tragic life.”
  • Back in 2017, she finished as the runner-up on The X Factor, she signed to Simon Cowell's record label Syco Music.
    Initially, she made a deal to release an album. But after releasing a debut EP “Friends With The Tragic”, the label released her.
    She told BBC Radio 1 about leaving the label, “​​They never said when it (her debut album via Syco) would come out. Probably the most devastating thing, because it felt like the end of my career.”
    She wrote her feelings at the time in the song “used to you”. Also, she recorded “roots” that she performed at the audition of The X Factor. She took four yeas to release the song.
    The EP is her first project as an independent artist.

    Grace Davies explained some track for the EP.

    “‘somebody’ is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written,” says Grace. “I’ve loved Frances as an artist since I was in my teens – her song ‘Grow’ was an inspiration for ‘roots’. At our first session together we wrote ‘somebody’ and I’ve longed to put it out ever since.”

    “i met a boy online”
    “I wrote this song during lockdown 1.0 when everyone was adjusting to this new way of virtually dating. We all get first date nerves, but I personally felt an added amount of pressure when thinking about meeting someone for the first time, after months of being stuck inside with nothing but FaceTime calls. This one is for all my self-doubters out there, I feel you! I've been missing performing on stage so much this year, so I wanted to create my own mini stage in my living room for this video. A couple of projectors, some lights and neon crayon on my piano - because why not? Chris Martin would be proud!”

    “roots” via BBC Radio 1
    “It's been four years in the making. It feels like a massive weight off my shoulders but also the most exciting thing that's ever happened. They never said when it (her debut album via Syco) would come out. Probably the most devastating thing, because it felt like the end of my career. I was kind of held back for many years. I just got a lot of rubbish thrown at me, but it's OK. I've been so patient over the past four years and it's been frustrating at times. I got myself into quite a dark hole in London. I couldn't do the job as I wanted and it felt crushing. I knew I needed to get out for the sake of my mental health. It's only been up since then. It's a really bittersweet song for me because I wrote it about leaving home, moving to London to do music full time and suddenly I'm back in my hometown. I wouldn't have had that four years ago. I've grown so much as an artist, but also as a person and I appreciate the small things so much more now. I'm such a crier, with every emotion the first thing that comes out my body is tears. I wouldn't have the platform I now have. I've had so many opportunities and experiences that I never ever dreamt of having. I also got to sing my own songs. Having four years grinding, working really hard and being frustrated has just made it all the better now.”

  • “​testosterone” via EUPHORIA
    “One of my closest friends, Lauren Aquilina, who I wrote two songs on the last EP with, sent me a playlist in 2018 of songs she had written and was keeping back for herself; “Testosterone” was one of them. Sometimes as a writer you hear a song and it either sounds like something I would've written or a song I really, really wish I'd written. This was one of those for me.
    It's an experience I've been through with someone I begged not to treat me that way. It's funny how you can know someone is doing you wrong but still keep going back and forgiving them for their conscious mistakes. In the end you have to think to yourself “no, boys will not be boys, you're just a d***”.

    “​​used to you”
    “It's existed for around a year now and has been at the top of my pile of songs I wanted to release as it tells a really important story about a defining moment in my career, which I've not always been able to speak publicly about – but one thing I can do is write a song and express my emotions that way, so I think this song is going to mean a lot to my fans too and give them an insight into what's been going on in my life. My manager called me and said he had a large gin and tonic and a curry with my name on it, so I should get on a train and be around the people who love and support me. So I did, and I cried the whole way there. It wasn't the end of the world or the end of my career – but it truly felt like it at the time, and listening to it now makes me feel so proud of what I have accomplished as an independent artist. It's one of my favourites for sure.”

    “​​toothbrush” via Naluda Magazine
    “Toothbrush is my 'dance cry' song. Sad AF but fun AF. I never feel sad when I hear it or sing it, even though it is – it just makes me want to dance… But then you hear the acoustic version and hearts shatter across the nation. If you listen closely you can hear them.
    I was quite literally brushing my teeth one day, staring at my ex's toothbrush thinking 'I need to get rid of that' – so I did, and then ran straight to my piano. We all do the classic 'burn his tshirt' thing to try and get over someone, but it doesn't work. You can't throw away memories or cut off someones half of the bed, you just have to get through it with time.”
  • source : Apple Music
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