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  • Devan Releases New EP “Liquid Sunshine”: Streaming

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Devan Glover, aka Devan released her sophomore EP “Liquid Sunshine” along with a new music video for “Orchids” on October 15, 2021.
    Devan is known as a member of Canadian folk band Wild Rivers. Back in February, she released the solo debut EP “Pink Noise”.
    Also, Wild Rivers will release their second album “Sidelines” on February 4, 2022.
    She made the new EP during quarantine with producer Jack Emblem. She said, “The majority of songs on this EP were actually written and produced during quarantine. Being forced to be still and reflect on things was honestly kind of torturous for me, but very necessary.”
    The EP comprises 6-track. Devan explained of “Liquid Sunshine”, “Growing up, whenever I complained about the rain, my Dad would always say 'it's just a little liquid sunshine.' I used to roll my eyes at it, but now I realize that it represents the importance of perspective, which has been a big theme of the past year for me.”
  • She continued, “For me, the last year has been a big reflective time and an opportunity to look inward, and to deal with some emotions in a way I hadn't been doing. These songs came out of me digging up a lot of experiences from years ago, and I think writing these songs has been very healing and self-actualizing.”
    She added, “Listening now, I'm really proud of these songs because they're very honest and true to me. They really feel like me. I felt so much more confident in the process of picking sounds and choosing lyrics and editing lyrics to make them sound like how I would actually say them. I could refine them in a way that I wasn't able to before, because I didn't have the perspective or clarity of myself. They feel very authentic to me right now, which was a hard place to arrive at, so I'm proud of that.”

  • She explained of some tracks of the EP.

    “'Orchid,' a song about feeling underappreciated in a relationship that was produced by my friend and frequent collaborator, Quin Kiu. Orchids are really resilient flowers and they're pretty low maintenance; they die and grow back over and over with little care. I think that's why a lot of people have them – they sit there and look pretty, but you don't need to show them much love.”

    “Without You”
    “This song came out of a DM-slide from an ex. “We had a brutal break up and I was pretty devastated by it at the time. Five years later, after I had moved on, he conveniently started messaging me saying he loves my music and is "so proud" of me. It came across as condescending, like he felt he could claim some sort of ownership over what I had accomplished. 'Without You' captures the immediate frustration that comes with an unexpected/unwelcomed message from someone who had hurt you… Yet then there's the elated realization that they don't have a hold on you anymore.”

    “Feel Better”
    “'Feel Better' is about someone close to you going through a tough time. With mental health struggles, no matter how badly you want to be helpful, sometimes there's nothing you can do to help the situation. This song came out of that feeling of helplessness, and is my way of saying I'm here for you, even if I can't fix this.”

    Photo by Becca Hamel
  • source : Apple Music
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