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  • Bre Kennedy Releases New Song “Pivot In Place” from Debut Album “Note to Self”

  • Nashville-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Bre Kennedy released the seven single called “Pivot In Place” from her upcoming debut album “Note to Self” on September 25, 2021.
    The track was written by Bre Kennedy and Hadley Kennary. Produced by Kyle Dreaden.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Victoria Henderson and Bre Kennedy.
    The album is set to be released on October 8, 2021.
    Bre Kennedy said of the song, “'Pivot In Place' is the last single I'm releasing before my album "Note To Self" comes out on Oct. 8. It's an acoustic anthem about letting go & surrendering to learning to turn on a dime & pivot through life's changes. A reminder to myself to enjoy the dance of chance & growth.”
    When she announced the album release date in August, she explained, “An album is a terrifying and beautiful thing. It's a time capsule of everything an artist was feeling, expressing and overcoming captured at one place in time. How beautiful is that? These songs wrote themselves through me in the unbelievably dark spaces of last year. I learned from them. All along I was writing a note to myself. 'You're going to be okay but let's go through the last decade of your life in this time alone.' I was inspired by the empty spaces in-between quarantine last year and my relationship with myself. I didn't want to make a quarantine record by any means but it was, in fact, a year of my life, alone with myself and what I learned about myself is that I hadn't yet stopped to ask myself how I've been doing and hadn't healed from years of go go going. Nonstop, just blinders on and never really stopped to ask my inner child if she was okay. I ask almost everyone I come across how they're doing and never thought or was taught to ask myself. I was also inspired by a book called 'The Artist Way' which had me dedicated to 12 weeks of journaling and it led to me writing a note to 'little Bre' which turned out to be 'Note To Self.' ”
  • She continued, 'You are perfect, you are fair, I think that's why I've kept you there, in a room safe from despair, inner child.' I learned that somewhere along the way, I locked my spirit in a cement room safe from the outside world of letdowns, disappointments and pain and left her there in neglect thinking I was keeping me safe… all these years. No wonder following my gut was getting hard, I was starving it. All of these songs on this album are hand picked as they mark a moment in time that led to me growing. That's all we're all doing anyway right? Sometimes the growth is incredible and easy and other times it happens through the cracks that we had to push through and out of the darkest places. This is my very first album and I'm still growing but I wanted to share some moments of clarity and some of my stories with you. I hope these songs find you in those empty moments: that car ride home, the first sip of coffee before the world comes rushing in, on that walk you needed, in the kitchen dancing alone, or with your favorite people. These songs helped me and now I give them to you.”
  • source : Apple Music
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