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  • Niykee Heaton Releases New Song “Renegade”

  • American singer-songwriter Niykee Heaton will release The Lullaby Album in 2020. She is currently pregnant and tweeted, “#THELULLABYALBUM is going to be a mix of different lullabies. Some meant for baby, some rock lullabies & some started-from-the-bedroom lullabies.”
    The album is the followup-to her second EP “Starting Over”, which was released in 2018. From the album, she dropped anew song “Renegade”.
    She wrote of the song on Instagram, “RI wrote this song during one of the darkest, most depressing times of my life. I was surrounded by pure evil, on a constant basis. Being dragged into the loneliest corner of my mind, I really didn’t think I was going to escape this time of my life. Truly, the darkest moments I’ve ever had to experience. I wrote this song without realizing what I was writing about. I was so close to giving up and letting my depression consume me, but this song was my last attempt of scratching my way out of the darkness and towards the light.”
  • She continued, “During this time of my life, I learned that the most vibrant flowers bloom in the dark, that hero’s are forged in the fire, and fortitude is built on pain and anguish. It order to do what’s right, sometimes you have to do what’s wrong. And sometimes, when you’re doing what is righteous, and what is good, the closer you get to the light; the closer the darkness is behind you. It would have been so much easier to give up during this time of my life, and let the evil around me win..but that’s not who I am. Forged in the fire, bloomed in the darkness, renegades are made here. This lullaby is for everyone who has forgotten their strength, who feels beaten down to the point of submission. For those who see no end to the darkness, I want you to hear my voice and find yours. I can’t wait for you all to hear the song that epitomized the turning point of my life. When I became the hero I needed, again.”
  • source : Idolator
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