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  • 2019-06-08
  • Kiiara Premieres New Music Video for “Open My Mouth”

  • American singer-songwriter Kiiara has collaborated with fashion designer Christian Cowan on her new music video for “Open My Mouth” directed by Juliana Carpino.
    The song is the first single off her upcoming debut album. She worked with her friends Amy Allen and Scott Harris on the track.
    “Art is open for interpretation, so while some will listen to this song and relate to it based on relationships they’ve had in their lives, for me this song is about the relationship I have with myself,” says Kiiara of the song. “I’ve struggled with mental health issues for my entire life. I’ve felt silenced, I’ve felt alone, and I’ve felt afraid. To me, this song is about facing these realities and putting it all out there.”
    She added, “I wrote it with a handful of friends [including Amy Allen and Scott Harris] and honestly, I think it was like a year ago. Yeah, so I'm so excited now that's it's finally coming out. It's the first single off my album. I don't know exactly what day or when the album's coming out...”
  • She told PAPER about the video, "It was directed by Jules, and I swear I feel like I've known her forever, when we literally just met at the video shoot. She actually came up with the idea of the fashion show, me destroying the flowers in it, and all that. Just because we wanted to really show people what I go through and who I really am, because I have stayed silent for the past three years, because, you know, what the song's about is like every time I say something I fuck shit up, without meaning to. So that's why I've been "angry." So, finally getting to like, you know, let out how I really feel, I've always wanted to destroy stuff, so it was such a release to do that on set."
  • source : PAPER
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