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  • 2019-05-21
  • The Lumineers Drops New Music Video for “Gloria”

  • American alt-folk band The Lumineers will release their third studio album “III” on September 13, 2019.
    The album consists of three chapters, each its own separate EP and revolving around a separate character across different generations in the fictional Sparks family.
    Recently, the band released the first chapter “Donna”, “Life In The City” and "Gloria".
    On May 20th, the music video for "Gloria" was released. The clip follows protagonist Gloria Sparks (Anna Cordell) as her home life gradually unravels. Directed by Kevin Phillips.
    Lead singer Wesley Schultz explains, “Gloria is an addict. Her character was inspired by a member of my family, and no amount of love or resources could save her. She’s now been homeless for over a year. Loving an addict is like standing among the crashing waves, trying to bend the will of the sea.”
    Another videos, “Donna” and “Life in the City” due to arrive Tuesday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 22nd.
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    “So many people are touched by addiction, way more than is talked about,” Wesley Schultz said. “It’s a lot like cancer in that it is this way too common thing in our culture.”
    “Trying to love an addict out of drinking, or put them in rehab, or using any resource you have to get them through it, everything we tried failed miserably,” he said, referencing his family member’s struggle with the disease. “We tried to put her in rehab almost a half dozen times overall, and nothing worked. We tried all of these spots for her to succeed in and ‘beat this addiction,’ but it’s become a really humbling experience. That whole willpower thing was thrown out the window really quickly.”
  • source : Variety
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