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  • Biffy Clyro Announces New Film and Soundtrack “Balance, Not Symmetry”

  • Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro announced their new original soundtrack of the film “Balance, Not Symmetry”.
    The film was directed by Jamie Adams, starring Laura Harrier, Bria Vinaite, Lily Newmark, Freya Mavor, Tasmin Egerton, Kate Dickie and Scott Miller. Screenplay by Biffy Clyro's lead guitar and vocals Simon Neil.
    The band contributed a 12-track of new original music to the film.
    “Balance, Not Symmetry” will be screened at the Edinburhg Film Festival on June 23rd.
    Simon Neil said, “We’re doing one record for a movie which will be filmed once we’ve finished it. It’s this really cool kind of collaboration with this Welsh director called Jamie Adams. He’s a fantastic director. He makes some really hilarious movies, but this one will not be funny!”
    He continued, “We’re writing the soundtrack and some of the script will come from some of the lyrics in the songs. It’s this constantly changing thing at the moment, but we’ve got the songs picked. Then at the same time we’re working on ‘Opus 8’, which is our working title for the next Biffy album. That’s going great and we’re just doing what we do.”
  • “[Jamie] doesn’t work strictly from a script, it’s an outline – that’s why it’s doable,” said Neil. “We’ll have all of our music done, then they’ll go and workshop it with the music playing along and things so the ideas can spark off it. It’s really unusual, and it’s tough to explain. Even our label were like ‘only you would be the band to do everything backwards’. That’s what really appealed to us.”
    He added: “I see it as six pairs of songs. There are a couple of songs that are acoustic and but Nick Cave-y, there are a couple that are full-on electronic, a couple of songs that are weird hardcore songs, a couple of big epic rock songs, and we’re just trying to approach it in a different way.”
  • source : NME
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