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  • 2018-09-20
  • Brit Daniels Premieres New Lyric Video for “Slow It Down”

  • Back in July, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Brit Daniels released a new song “Slow It Down”.
    The song is her second single of the 2018, following the previously released "History".
    After releasing the song, she joined in Pop/R&B producer Ryan Prewett "Surprise Me" as a guest vocals.
    On September 19th, she dropped a new lyric video for “Slow It Down”.
    The track is synth pop and catchy sound with vocoder chorus. In 2017, her music style was rock and pop, but she changed to the music style like EDM this year.

    “I love this song because it has a really cool feel to it, and I feel like it’s a very relatable song for a lot of people," Brit Daniels said. "In this day and age people are so quick to jump into something just because it’s readily available. I’ve always been a very independent person, so I like it when someone complements my life rather than becomes my entire life.!”
    She continued, “So, this song is all about not rushing things and letting a relationship take its natural course. That doesn’t take anything away from the idea of being committed or the fun feelings in the beginning of a relationship, but it just takes a lot of pressure off of the idea of a relationship. The vibe of this song also compliments that idea, as it has a fun melody line with a really cool track/beat behind it!”
  • source : Parade
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