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  • 2018-08-11
  • Zosia Premieres New Music Video for “Overthrown”

  • Back in May, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Anneke Lada, aka Zosia released a new song “Overthrown”, which has deeply poignant lyrics and a strong message to sexual assault.
    On August 9th, she dropped a new music video for the song, directed by Chris Hadland and Zosia. The video was premiered exclusively on LADYGUNN.
    She wrote the song two years ago. At that time, she did not plan to release it, but she feels that the song can help sexual assault victims, then decided to release. Because, she is a sexual assault victim and survivor.
    But the song is beautiful and emotional like the cinematic sound. The clip features a dancer Ryan Lee and shows National Sexual Assault Hotline number 800.656.4673 on end credits scene.
  • Zosia told LADYGUNN about the song in an interview;
    "Before Overthrown I didn’t realize how often I would unconsciously hint at sexual assault themes in my music. Now it’s clear how much I wanted to express those feelings, and writing Overthrown was very cathartic in that way. Any sort of trauma is fuel for art.
    I was very nervous to release the song, to put into words what I know many people are privately feeling. I wasn’t sure what reaction I would receive. But after hearing such positive responses to the message, I’m glad I didn’t let my fear hold me back. I’m proud that I was able to turn a painful moment into a song that can hopefully help others suffering in a similar way."

  • She seid of the video;
    "I started with the idea of having a dancer as the driving force of the video, someone to embody the different emotions I sing about. I met Ryan Lee earlier this year and knew she’d be perfect for the part. I told her all about the song and its meaning and then let her come up with the moves which she decided to improv. I wanted her to be in a desolate room to give a sense of being trapped and isolated, so we found a warehouse space in Downtown LA. Because Ryan’s dancing is so captivating, I wanted the rest of the video very simple to keep the focus on her."
  • source : LADYGUNN
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