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  • 2018-07-14
  • Charlee Remitz Premieres New Song “To Tell You The Truth”

  • Los Angeles-based independent pop singer-songwriter Charlee Remitz has released a new song “To Tell You The Truth” from her upcoming sophomore album "Sad Girl Music".
    The single follows up "The Leftovers" and "Throwback", which were released in 2017.
    The new song is radio friendly and electronic pop sound with smooth melody and vocals. The track is drawn about her experience of fall in love.
    She said of the song in a statement, “To Tell You the Truth is 'What if?' in musical form. A brilliant shade of curiosity. A mystical world you frequent when someone enchants you. A love/hate moment you must cherish before, all too quickly, that enchanting 'What if?' becomes 'What now?'”
    The new album comprises of 8-track and is set to be released on October 12, 2018. It is her first LP since 2015's debut album "Bright White Trims".
  • She told VENTS Magazine about the new album in an interview;
    "'Sad Girl Music' is the title of the final song on the album. It’s funny how timing works. In the eight months it took to write Sad Girl Music, everything came very full circle. I went from not knowing how I felt about this person, to knowing exactly how I felt. And then, quite inexplicably, I’m back to where I was when I wrote 'To Tell You the Truth,' only now, the pink patina of hope has turned to a miserable blue, and I’m not wondering if I love this person, I’m more wondering if what I’m feeling is hate.
    So, I’d say the 'story' or the 'inspiration' behind the title comes from that blue. That pristine sadness. That ultimate confusion. How did my album go from pondering forever to accepting never again?
    The truth. We have very different versions of the truth. And I think his inability to see mine, and my desire to lead him away from the untruths he seemed eager to adopt as his truths, led us to an early expiration date."
  • source : Vents Magazine
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