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  • 2017-05-17
  • Greer Premieres New Song “Satisfy” on SoundCloud
  • Boston-based singer-songwriter Greer Wilson, aka Greer has delivered a new song "Satisfy" via SoundCloud. Produced by Jon Santana and Christian Medice. The song was premiered exclusively on BreatheHeavy.
    The track is radio-ready and mid-tempo electronic pop. And for him, it is the first single in this year.
    He has already filmed a music video for the new song, which will be premiered in June. Also he is currently working on his sophomore EP, but he will release another song in this summer before the EP.
    Greer debuted in 2014 with EP "The Sounds". Since then, he has released three singles, the likes of "Blow Your Mind", “Love Me Less / Deal with the Devil” (double A-Side) and "Hardcore".

    About the new song, 20-year-old singer told BreatheHeavy;
    "The way sex is portrayed in pop music is usually one-sided meaning one person is dominant and the other is an object for their pleasure. With [Satisfy], I wanted to create an atmosphere of "I’m here to make you happy", but at the same time my partner is here to make me happy, too. It’s a two way street. The song is semi-autobiographical. While writing I related it to moments I have had in the past and moments I hope to have in the future."
  • Photo by Carter Howe
  • source : BreatheHeavy
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