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  • SOFT PLAY Premieres New Song “Everything and Nothing” on BBC Radio 1

  • Last month, British punk rock duo SOFT PLAY, consisting of Isaac Holman (vocals/drums/trumpet/flute) and Laurence 'Laurie' Vincent (guitar/bass/keyboards), announced that their third studio album “Heavy Jelly” will be released on July 19, 2024.

    It is their first album in six years since the 2018 album “Acts of Fear and Love” and comprises a 11-track.

    Laurie Vincent said of the album, “We’re not gonna be the band that leads your protest march really eloquently, but we might be the band that motivates you to go down the gym or start doing something productive and that’s important too. What we can do is sing about relatable things and share that with people.”

    Isaac Holman added, “Don’t try and be like everyone else. Just do what you want and have fun.”
  • From the album, the band premiered a new song “Everything and Nothing” on BBC Radio 1's New Music Show with Jack Saunders.
    The song is the fourth single off of the album.
    It was written by Isaac Holman, Jolyon Thomas, Laurence Vincent, and Raven Bush. Produced by Jolyon Thomas.
    The song is about their late friend Bailey Spencer, who died during lockdown in 2020.

    The duo said of the song, “This tune came out of an extremely challenging time and writing it was fucking hard work, albeit very cathartic. We shot the video at the memorial bench for our mate Bailey who passed away a few years back. This tune goes out to him and everyone else we’ve lost along the way.”

  • Isaac Holman told Jack Saunders about the song, “I was just saying to Lori It feels weird being in here with like a serious song playing. Yeah, like started writing the words in lockdown when I was like really struggling with my mental health and just loads of stuff was going on. People die in and it was just mental. And couldn't finish the tune, sat with it. Just like almost forgot about it and then went round to Lori's when we were writing for this record. And he whipped out the mandolin and I was I reckon I've got something for this.”

    Laurie Vincent continued, “I guess that's what you don't know. About people is what they listen to in their private time and I'm, I just got really obsessed with folk music and I listen to The Pogues a lot and The Waterboy is one of my favorite bands of all time and I hit up my friend that guitar company, no brands mentioned. And I was like I needed a mandolin. And this is one of those wild moments where that's the first thing I ever wrote. The first time I ever played a mandolin and I showed it to Isaac and I was like, I don't know if we can do something with this but it's pretty cool. And he just jumped straight in with that. And then the concept was what if we just did a fully acoustic piece of music that you just screened over.”

    Isaac Holman said of his friend Bailey Spencer and the video, “He was like one of my best mates who sadly passed away during lockdown. Yeah, just a great guy. And we shot the video is memorial bench with his mom and all like his friends and our family and staff. It was a beautiful day.”

    Laurie Vincent added, “And he was a big part of our early days like he was in bands when we were kids playing the forum and then he's a musician and a producer. And he's the DJ for ocean wisdom. He comes to all our shows. He was just like this sort of, he's just always there. He was always there like backing us. So it feels weird.”

    Background photo by Thomas Davis
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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