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  • 2018-02-16
  • Muse Premieres New Music Video for “Thought Contagion”
  • British rock band Muse dropped a new music video for “Thought Contagion”, directed by Lance Drake. The song is the second single off of the as-yet-untitled upcoming studio album and received its first play during Annie Mac's BBC Radio 1. The new album is their first LP in three yeas since "Drones".
    The band recorded “Thought Contagion” and other two songs at Air Studios in London last year. The track was inspired by Richard Dawkins and the concept of memes. The video is a continuation of the story told in the video for previous song "Dig Down".

    About the new song, Muse singer Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone in an interview;
    "It's a pretty recent track, probably towards the end of last year is when I wrote it. I came up with the bass line and then I used a theremin, originally, to [create] this lead melody that went over the top. It wasn't until we started recording the song in November that it occurred to me that the theremin melody would be a cool, anthemic sort of vocal part, so [bassist] Chris [Wolstenholme] and I did about ten passes on that to create this sort of crowd effect on the vocal. The verse of the song, originally, was probably a lot more heavy-sounding than it is now, in terms of [having a] much more arena sound, drum kit kind of thing. But we wanted to experiment with programming the verse and go for more of a slightly trap or 808 drum feel for the verses, which took the song in a bit of a different journey."
  • He continued to talk about the new album;
    "It's nice to have that sort of quick turnaround rather than waiting for all the materials to come out with the album. The album will be a very mixed bag. The songs are going to be quite different in spots and we're also interested in doing some genre-blending and era-blending.
    It's a different approach. If anything, what we're going to wind up with here is an album where all the songs are going to be better. It remains to be seen whether the whole will have a concept to it, but I kinda think that we've done two or three concept albums in a row now. I think it'll be our greatest album in terms of the quality of individual songs."

  • source : Rolling Stone
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