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  • Laureline Releases New Song “Present Tense”

  • Los Angeles-based alt-pop band Laureline released a new song “Present Tense” with an accompanying music video.
    The song follows up “I'm in Love With Everybody” and “Everything Ends Up Ending”.
    It was written by Marian Nutley, Ciera Bardowell and Chris Rasmussen. Produced by Mona Khoshoi.
    The video was shot by Taylor Werfelmann and edited by Lane Smith.
    Vocalist Chris Rasmussen said of the song, “I realized that the things that I thought I wanted or needed out of life, I didn't at all. The song offers anyone who can relate a way to come back home. You're not under any obligation to be who you were 15 minutes ago, or even who you think you should be.”
    Recently, the band joined in the Netflix Original film “To All the Boys I've Loved Before 3”, which was released February 12, 2021. They contributed their own songs to the film.
  • The band shared on social media, “Present Tense is about learning how to embrace life, rather than hiding from it. I've spent so much time afraid of life, even afraid of the best things life has to offer. Present Tense is the hard-won optimism of saying "I need somebody" and feeling permission to set down the defense mechanisms we've learned to adopt.
    It's warm and psychedelic. It's child-like and present. It's the promise to be loved without the burden of being cool. It's laughter in the face of fear. Yes, so much fear. It's the suggestion that maybe it's not too late to come home after all. And maybe if you can set it down, I can set it down too.”

  • Previous Song “I'm in Love With Everybody”:

    Previous Song “Everything Ends Up Ending”:
  • source : SoundCloud
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