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  • Travis Shares New Music Video for “Nina's Song”

  • Back In October 2020, Scottish rock band Travis released their ninth studio album “10 Songs” for the first time in four years.
    From the album, the band dropped a new music video for “Nina's Song” directed by frontman Fran Healy.
    The video was filmed in Los Angeles, Glasgow, Lancaster and Liverpoo, featuring a cat named Huey.
    Fran Healy told Apple Music about the song, “This is one of my favorite songs. It was not even going to be on the record because I was a little bit embarrassed about it, because it was too personal—and it was almost like a show song. It was about seven-year-old me saying to my mom one day, 'Hey, mom, is there a dad shop? Can you go to the dad shop and get me a dad?' I still wish there would be, because everyone needs a dad, and not a shit dad. They need a good dad who's going to be there for them, and be someone to rely on. I never had that. I didn't realize how important a dad was until I became one myself.”
    He said of the video, “Huey, our British Blue, is the breakout star of the video. It took a long time. He was very patient though and grateful for all the treats.” He continues, “To make him sing I worked with Hao Li and his company Pinscreen. Hao is one of the most renowned deepfake* artists in the world. It’s actually the first time a deepfake has been made between a human and an animal. The engineers had to push their technology to new places to achieve this. Very smart folk and a lot of fun to work with.”
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