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  • Floyd Releases New Song “Sorry Sorry Boy”

  • San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Floyd has released a new song “Sorry Sorry Boy”.
    Th track follows up previous single “Shine”.
    She wrote the song in the back of a cab in 2004. It took fifteen years to finish.
    Floyd said of the song, “Sorry Sorry Boy is the old 'you did me wrong' story about lovers and the one who strays, but done with a fun and playful twist. It’s the classic lover’s apology, and the the partner saying, “you’re lying - go wash out your mouth” just like my grandma used to say to me if I said a swear word back in the day. A modern throw back to an age old story."
  • She recorded the song in the studio for two days before the COVID-19 pandemic. She wanted real instruments like a real drummer and a real guitar player.
    She told Audiofemme, “That was an intentional choice on my part because I wanted to be really true to musicianship and rock and real instruments,” she explains. “We actually booked [musicians] out for the two days for the recording. I wanted a real drummer – I didn’t want to use synth drums. I wanted a real guitar player, all of that. That’s a very different thing. You need an actual studio, not a bedroom. You’re not gonna be able to do that in your little room, right?”
  • source : Audiofemme
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