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  • Marella Releases New Song “Salem”

  • Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Marella released his second single called “Salem” on June 7, 2024, following his first comeback single in two years, “I Think She's In Love With Me”, released back in April.

    The song showcases his willingness to experiment, seamlessly blending indie, folk, and jazz influences.
    The track was written by Daniel Akira Marella and produced by Max Beinert.

    Marella said of the song, “I never knew that mistakenly playing an Amaj7sus2 chord on a broken down Weltron with a rubber saddle would have turned into a full-fledged song. This song challenged me to get out of my normal alternative rock writing style and pushed me into the indie-folk realm more than I’ve ever been before. I teamed up with my producer Max Bienert and trumpet players Lucian Mahan and Ellie Olson to turn what once was a mistake into ‘Salem.’”
  • source : Apple Music
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