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  • Sam Tompkins Releases New Song “dead to me”

  • British singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins released the eighth single called “dead to me” from his upcoming debut album “hi, my name is insecure.” on May 31, 2024.

    The debut album comprises a 16-track and is set to be released on July 26, 2024 via Island Records.
    The track reflects on the demise of an unhealthy relationship.
    It was written and produced by Sam Tompkins, with production by Couros.
    The accompanying music video was directed by Jack Morgan and Mitch Peryer, who filmed in in Iceland.

    Sam Tompkins said of the song, “‘dead to me’ came at a time when I’d supposedly finished my album. I was actually writing it for another artist entirely but it came out and I just loved it. I have always compared breaking up with someone to grieving in a way. When you have to cut contact with someone, it’s almost as if they’re not with you anymore. As someone who has experienced both sides of the spectrum of it, I feel it’s a lot similar in feeling than people might say.”
  • He continued, ”‘dead to me’ comes from a point of anger; when you’ve finally said “enough is enough, I can’t do this with you anymore. It’s a cycle and I need to break it”. The “I hope you rest in peace, because you’re dead to me” came to me first and then the rest of the song just wrote itself. I think because I wrote it from another person’s perspective, I was a little bit more free with how I presented the song and that’s why it sounds the way it does. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written because of that. I’m really excited for the world to hear it!”

  • He said of the video, “This video means a lot to me. I went to Iceland in September of last year to shoot a bunch of promo for my album. It was a major trip, we got so much stuff on these insanely expensive cameras with these crazy locations for songs like someone else, numb and others. one song that wasn’t on the list of having content made for it, was 'dead to me'. I had only just written it before i came out and was super excited about it. So I remember we had finished for the day and we were driving back to where we were staying and I just thought 'this road is cool' and within 5 minutes, me and my friends were making this video with our (much cheaper) camera. needless to say it was the coolest one of the trip. Just shows you don’t always have to have some crazy expensive equipment to get something looking cool. sometimes it’s just a vision. This song is dead to me and it’s from my debut album 'hi, my name is insecure.', which is coming very very soon. Hope you enjoy the song and the video! Big up Jack Morgan & Mitch Peryer for getting the movement and the colouring right. Think it’s my fav ever video. Simple, but just nice haha!”

    Background photo by Mitch Peryer
  • source : Apple Music
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