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  • Rosie Lowe Returns With New Song “Mood to Make Love”

  • British singer-songwriter Rosie Lowe returned with a new song “Mood to Make Love” on May 22, 2024.

    The song is her first music in two three years since the 2021 EP “Now, You Know” and collaborative album “Son” with Duval Timothy.
    The track was written by Luke Bower, Rosie Lowe, and Uma Bunnag.
    Produced by Rosie Lowe, Harvey Grant, and d'monk.

    Rosie Lowe said of the song, “'Mood To Make Love' was written on a warm evening in Spain and we wanted it to sound like our surroundings. It is a moment of self love and an acknowledgement of what I have to offer my partner.”
  • The accompanying music video was directed by her brother Louis Hemming-Lowe.

    She said of the video, “I knew I wanted to keep the team small and work with people I know, trust and love so I decided to collaborate with my big brother, a director, on the music videos. We wanted the visuals to feel much like a dream sequence. We shot it on a very cold January morning on a small rowing boat on a river in Devon, and somehow lucked out with the 1 x sunny day we got in January!”

  • Director Louis Hemming-Lowe said, “I wanted to create an abstract, fantasy feel with hand-drawn animation elements and dream sequence symbolic connectivity. Themes of nostalgia, looking back, looking forward, time and repetition, the reliving of episodes and memories, beginning and ending, life and death. I wanted the viewer to do the work to figure these out, much like waking up from a dream and trying to decipher the meaning.”

    He added, “It was an amazing experience making this for lots of reasons. Mainly because there was essentially no brief, just a track and a few quid to play with. The opportunity to be creative, with some budget, and without the usual barriers of brief and client was a new experience for me and was so fun and inspiring. It was also a big challenge for various reasons so thanks to everyone who helped to pull it together, and especially to Rosie for putting her trust in me.”

    Photo by Abiella Aland
  • source : Apple Music
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