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  • Picture This Releases New Album “Parked Car Conversations”

  • Irish pop-rock band Picture This, consisting of Ryan Hennessy (vocals), Jimmy Rainsford (drums), Owen Cardiff (guitar) and Cliff Deane (bass), released their fourth studio album “Parked Car Conversations” on April 26, 2024.

    Initially, the album was supposed to be released on September 29, 2023, but was pushed back to April 26, 2024.
    It is their first album in three years since the 2021 album “Life in Colour”.
    The album comprises a 15-track and was recorded over two weeks at an island in Norway. Produced by Jack & Coke, Jimmy Rainsford, Johan Lindbrandt, Phil Cook, Robin Stjernberg and Ryan Hennessy.

    The band frontman Ryan Hennessy said of the album, “Parked Car Conversations is by far the most personal album we have ever created. There are so many deeply meaningful songs to us on this record and I hope they can be just as meaningful to those who listen.”
  • He continued, “It is an album about everything involved with being human. Love and loss and hurt and euphoria and all of those other complex emotions that flutter in between. The ups and downs of living are conveyed through ballads and anthems alike on this record. It is a truly raw and open album and we're inviting you in further than we ever have before.”

    He added, “I think Parked Car Conversations is so authentically Picture This both sonically and lyrically and with some gorgeous new flavours that we have never had before. It really is so exciting to be sharing it with the world. This album is a soundtrack. Not to a movie, but to life.”

  • Ryan Hennessy explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Act of Innocence”
    “This song means the world to us. It's the first song of 2024. That's how we want to start this year and start as we meant to go on. We were really, really appreciate. These dancers are incredible. Thank you for bringing our music to life through dance. Big love. We spent two weeks on an Island in Norway making our new album.”

    “Get On My Love
    “Get On My Love is a song that came together super quickly and easily in the studio and I think the energy of that spontaneity is really felt in the recording. It was also after a heavy night of drinking in Stockholm so if you listen closely you can almost hear the hangover. It's a lesson to always show up no matter how heavy the head feels because you never know what magic you're going to create in a song.
    We wanted to create a celebratory feeling song where people could rejoice in their flaws and strengths and everything in between through the power of love. This song is about community, togetherness, inclusivity and connection. Get On My Love is an invitation to the masses to come and chant with Picture This. It is the soundtrack to how we can all be wonderful individuals, together.”

    “Parked Car Conversations”
    “'Parked Car Conversations' is the song that set us off on this amazing journey of creating an album that we started writing back in 2022 and we can't believe that it comes out this month!. This is a very very special song written about our friendship and closeness as a band first and foremost.
    In the process of creating it we realised that we have spent hours and hours in parked cars over the years having some life changing conversations both together and in our own personal lives, something we quickly realised a lot of people could relate to!
    As soon as we finished this song and listened back to it we knew instantly that we had to name the whole album, the whole era 'Parked Car Conversations'. It just encapsulates the whole thing beautifully and authentically.”

    “Call It Love”
    “We've been excited to share this one with you for a while and we hope you love it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

    “Song to Myself”
    “To be quite frank, 'Song To Myself' is a personal letter that I wrote to myself that I never intended on sharing with the world. It was in a delicate moment sat on my couch in my living room on June 30th 2021 when the song poured out of me in a matter of minutes. It was as though my subconscious took over and said 'Ryan you need to verbalise all of these deep emotions that are bubbling under the surface', and that I did.
    One day in the studio I reluctantly played a voice note of the song and Jimmy told me it was too important a message to keep to myself and it would be a shame not to share it with the world. There was an amazing comfort in that as I believed at the time that I was the only person who had these feelings but it turns out I'm not. 'Song To Myself' at its bare bones is a song about trying to navigate being human and I'm so scared to share it with the world but here we are!”

    “Leftover Love”
    “The myriad of emotions that surge when we lose someone can be paralyzing. Whether that's due to a loved one's passing, the culmination of a romantic relationship, or other life-altering events - each represents a version of grief, a manifestation of this 'leftover love'. We want to help listeners articulate and wade through these convoluted feelings, and to emphasize the awe-inspiring resilience innate to human nature. It's a song about loss and the love that you have leftover with nowhere to put it as a result of loss. Love and loss are so profoundly intertwined and trying to navigate and understand that is so difficult. Sometimes you just gotta lean into both feelings when they come. It's scary but you can do it. Hopefully this song can help you to do that in some way.”
  • source : Apple Music
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