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  • Lucy Rose Releases New Song “Whatever You Want”

  • Last month, British singer-songwriter Lucy Rose announced her new album “This Ain't The Way You Go Out” would be released on April 4, 2024 via Communion Records.

    It is her first album in five years since the 2019 album “No Words Left” and comprises a 12-track.
    From the album, she released the third single called “Whatever You Want” on February 20, 2024, following “Could You Help Me” and “The Racket”.
    The track was written and produced by Lucy Rose, with production by kwes.
    Lucy Rose said of the song, “I think a lot about my son Otis's future, and instead of having a grand, extravagant life, I just want him to be happy, it's very much how I feel about my own life now. The things I really dream of and care about are so different now, so many people I know are struggling in different ways, a lot with their own mental health and I just want them to be happy. I think the pressures of society can be a real contributing factor to their unhappiness.”
  • She continued, “I paired this idea with my own personal experience of suddenly feeling so helpless during the time my back was most in disrepair, and then the moments when I was able to walk down the road to my local cafe again and the huge amount of joy that gave me, just being able to do the small and simple things in life again. I distinctly remember thinking, if this is all my life is from now on, just being able to get out the house and doing these small things then I'll be happy.”
    The accompanying music video was directed by Zach Scheiwiller.
    Lucy Rose said of the video, “I discovered Zach Scheiwiller's work on Instagram and was immediately drawn to what he does. I thought he would be the perfect person to make the music video for 'Whatever You Want', but knew it would be a long shot because he lived in Chicago. To my surprise, he listened to the music and agreed to fly over to the UK and walk the late evening streets of Brighton with me and film whatever he thought worked. I haven't done a video like this for a long time, no plan at all, all instinct based, and it really brought me back to when I first started making videos. Zach was fascinating to watch work, I could see him looking at a location and working out the shots in real time. It was a joy to work with him, and he's only 20!”

  • She said of the album, “A little more about the music and what's it's written about. Around 4 months after having my son Otis, I discovered that my back pain was actually 8 fractured vertebrae and I got diagnosed with pregnancy and lactation induced osteoporosis, which was as you can imagine a huge shock. There was a point where we didn't know if I would get better or get my mobility back and it was all very scary. But moving on to happier times, as I regained parts of myself again, I ended up sitting at the piano for small periods of time, trying to entertain Otis, and I started to put pieces of music together. The Racket was the last song I wrote for the album and I wanted the album to end on a note of defiance and triumphant; of accepting what's happened to me, pushing through, picking myself up and continuing life in the best way I can. I also wanted to start the song thanking my son Otis for loving me throughout everything, because really in those darkest times, it was his love that pulled me through.”
    She added, “Making this album has brought me so much joy, I'll never truly be able to describe it, but coming from a place of having no confidence in myself and my body, it filled my soul up with much needed goodness and made me feel like me again, me but stronger!”

    Photo by Josh Shinner
  • source : Apple Music
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