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  • Steve Conte Announces New Album “The Concrete Jangle”, Shares New Song “Shoot Out The Stars”

  • New York City-based rock guitarist Steve Conte has announced his third studio album “The Concrete Jangle” will be released on April 20, 2024.

    The album is his first LP in three years since the 2021 “Bronx Cheer” and comprises a 10-track, featuring collaborations with XTC's Andy Partridge, who co-wrote five of the songs with Steve Conte.
    From the album, he released a new song “Shoot Out The Stars” on February 16, 2024.
    The track was Andy Partridge and Steve Conte.
    Steve Conte said of the song, "My new single 'Shoot Out The Stars' is another co-write with my songwriting hero, ANDY PARTRIDGE of XTC. When Andy & I got together on Zoom to have our writing sessions I threw out a bunch of titles - and among them was 'Shoot Out The Stars.' He liked it and said, 'Oh yeah, we can do something with that' and then immediately started banging out those opening guitar chords and singing that verse melody. I then came up with the chorus and knew how that title should be sung.”
  • He continued, “We made the song about nihilism - bored teens in Hollywood out looking for thrills. Andy & I had a strong synergy going on…we got into a real groove when writing these songs. For example, I had a line in the first verse where the kids say 'Let's drive out to the Hills and climb up on our cars...' and then in the 2nd verse Andy added, 'The grown-ups are to blame for all the hurt we got - under the hood'. He may have meant it as the hurt kids have hidden inside, but I also see it another way. We never spoke about tying it in with their cars and I didn't notice it until recently, but there it was. An Easter egg, the Partridge gift that keeps giving. There are a lot of these kinds of things in the songs.”

  • He added, “And the song is in one of my favorite rock 'n roll guitar keys, the key of B - really great for power pop. I went a bit psychedelic with it; using fuzz & backwards guitars as well as playing Mellotron (and my mandolin made an appearance!) I hope you dig it baby!!”

    Background photo by Rob Armstrong
  • source : Apple Music
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