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  • Alessandra Releases Debut EP “Best Year Of My Life”

  • Italian-Norwegian singer-songwriter Alessandra released her debut EP “Best Year Of My Life” on February 16, 2024 via Island Records.

    The EP comprises a 7-track, produced by Johan Lindbrandt, CJ Philip, Audun Agnar Gulbrandsen, Einar Eriksen Kvaløy, Ludwig Gassner, Tormod Løkling, Gustav Nisbel Fjäll, James Birt, Henning Olerud, and Stanley Ferdinandez.
    The EP is structured around a school yearbook concept, featuring various personalities, characters, experiences, and emotions typical of a school class, all captured within its visual universe.
    Alessandra said of the EP, "Surprise surprise! Best Year Of My Life is about the best year of my life! This year (2023) my career started, I met a lot of new people, I got to bond with my amazing fans and I started living my dream. 2023 was the most unexpected year of my life!”
    She continued, “I have cried, I have laughed, I have felt joy and fear, love and sorrow, freedom and fear of losing freedom. I am grateful for all these feelings. These feelings have taught me so much in just one year. The EP contains all the emotions I've felt this year, from QUEEN of Kings to Heavy, my first ballad, from Pretty Devil to Mamma I'm sorry.”
  • Alessandra shared on social media, “This EP sums up 2023, the best year of my life. You guys have been the best part of it. This is for us, a journey to remember forever. Our own yearbook to look back on.”
    Alessandra explained about some tracks for the EP.

    “I've been in toxic relationships before, where I cared too much about what my partner thought of me. I felt like I didn't have a life without them. They were my world; they made me. After being pulled down several times, I finally understood my worth and ran away from the old relationships that held me back. The line 'even I can be a narcissist' means that also I can focus only on myself. To all those who have been or are in a toxic relationship: Get out and start focusing on yourself...”

  • “Pretty Devil”
    “The song is about me singing to a girl that knows that she's gorgeous, but at the same time carries a lot of insecurities with her. The goal of the song is for her to see herself the same way I see her. I love when she is herself and proud of it. Just be the pretty devil you are.”

    “Bad Bitch”
    “[The song says that] being a 'bad bitch' is not like being mean or anything at all. You're just, like, “I've fell on my face a lot of times, I've cried, I've had terrible times… Then I worked on loving myself, on loving other people, I worked on myself, and then that's why I can call myself a bad bitch. And not because I'm scared of crying, no, I'm proud of the tears that I've cried”, and that's the lyrics in the song. And that's so important.”

    “Heavy is a song that means a lot to me. I wrote it for my best friend in Italy who always tries to be strong and hide her feelings when she's sad. In the song, I try to say that it's okay to feel everything, be present and get to know the beautiful person you are. This applies not only to my friend, but to everyone who struggles to open
    up. Don't run from what you feel. You are not alone, I will always be there for you.”

    “Queen Of Kings”
    “BIt's about being oneself. To not be afraid of what hurts, but use it to get up again. It can be interpreted in many ways but in my case, it's about identity. It was hard to accept my own sexuality. It was not easy growing up bisexual in a small Italian town. Luckily it is now, Norway is a fantastic, open country. It's easier to be yourself here.”

    Photo by Robin Boe
  • source : Apple Music
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