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  • Georgia Premieres New Song “Too Much Too Little” on BBC Radio 1

  • London-based producer and singer-songwriter Georgia premiered a new song “Too Much Too Little” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is her first music since the 2023 third studio album “Euphoric”.
    The track was written and produced by Georgia Barnes and Mark Ralph.
    She first performed the song during her Euphoric UK & Europe tour in November 2023.
    Georgia said of the song, “Been banging this one out in the Euphoric shows so felt a good time to give it to you, too. Thanks to my good friend Mark Ralph for making it real.”
    She continued, “It's so hard at the moment to try and contemplate a balanced life when so much is going on, in the news, on social media, everywhere. I find it hard to sometimes see what's reality and what's fantasy. Too much, too little, all the time.I hope the song brings you joy like it does me giving it to you.”
  • Georgia told Clara Amfo about the song, “Basically, when I worked wrote this song, I think I was quite affected about where we're heading with the world like on a serious note, like, we've come so far with technology, but yet, human emotion and human behavior is still so simple. I'm sorry, whoever's listening. Feels like that's a bit you know, heavy, but I guess so. 'Too Much Too Little,' that's what I was. There's no kind of area at the moment for the middle ground, like you've either got to be one thing or you can't be something or data that everything's like in extremities at the moment, and I feel like maybe, do we think that's the right way to go about things or is it nice to have a middle ground and ambiguity, like, where do we, how do we feel about that.”
    She continued, “Or somebody could say something so minuscule that it affects you so much, that it can change your whole perception of who you are. Where you fit in the world is like, kind of interesting, too much.”

  • Background photo by Derek Bremner
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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