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  • JUL!ET Returns With New Song “Instant”

  • Seattle-based indie pop singer-songwriter JUL!ET returned with a new song “Instant” on February 2, 2024.

    The song is the first music in a year since her 2023 debut album “Lavender” and is the first single off of her upcoming EP “EGOMANIA”, which is expected to be released later this year.
    The track was written by Juliet Daniel, and Cade Legat who also produced it.
    The song serves as a poignant confession: a yearning for love without the burden of time.
    JUL!ET said of the song, “Coming-of-age stories are at the root of my music. This single embodies the girlish self-centeredness in longing for someone or something you hardly know, demanding they live up to your wildest expectations.”
    She added, “EGOMANIA, my upcoming EP, is all about the conflict between desiring to be the center of attention and craving real connection.”
  • JUL!ET shared on social media, “It's a romantic sadgirl soundtrack for when you want to feel like your life is an indie love story. I decided to release on groundhog day because the song is about the *infinite loop* of wanting to get to know a person instantly, being shamelessly impatient and petulant and childish.”

  • Photo by Ernie Sapiro
  • source : Spotify
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