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  • SYML Releases New Song “Sentimental (Piano Solo)” from New EP “How I Got Home”

  • Earlier this month, Seattle-based singer-songwriter SYML released a new EP “How I Got Home”.

    The EP is the follow-up to his sophomore album “The Day My Father Died”, which was released in February 2023.
    The EP comprises a 5-track and is all instrumental. All songs were written and produced by Brian Eichelberger and SYML.
    But after releasing the EP, SYML decided to release three songs from the EP played only with piano.
    On December 29, he released a new single “Sentimental (Piano Solo)”, as the first of these releases.
    SYML said of the song, “Decided to record 3 of the songs from the new EP on piano, as they were originally written. The first one - Sentimental for solo piano.”
  • SYML explained about the EP, “It's wild how some 'seasons' in life can feel like actual seasons. Pain and loss in winter, joy in summer, hope in spring, etc. How I Got Home, as an EP, is a collection of seasons to me, sometimes multiple within one song. 'How I Got Home,' as a song, is a bit of Winter and Spring. Too many metaphors to count I guess.”
    He continued, “I have always been a visual writer when it comes to music. Composing music without lyrics offers the opportunity to paint what I see with melodies and chords. The songs are vignettes and short films in their own way. Everyone in my life is a main character, even our sweet muppet of a dog, Maggie.”

  • He said, “There are moments that pay tribute to composers and pieces I loved learning when I was young, as well as some that came from seemingly nowhere. There are moments so vibrant ('Sentimental', 'Breathtaker', 'How I Got Home') that needed a full orchestra (recorded by the incredible Budapest Scoring)! In the less ornate songs 'Girvan' and 'All of Us' there is still movement and life. Girvan is a small seaside town in Scotland where we watched the sun set over the water from the upper deck of our tour bus as we cruised the coast.”
    He added, “I find myself pretending my eyes are cameras and I write the soundtrack to mini-movies. I hope you can make your own movies with these songs.”
  • source : Apple Music
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