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  • MF Tomlinson Releases New Remix of “End of the Road” with Mike Lindsay

  • London-based singer-songwriter MF Tomlinson released a new remix of “End of the Road” on December 18, 2023 via PRAH Recordings.

    This time, British music producer Mike Lindsay made the remix of the song.
    The original version of the song is featured on MF Tomlinson's sophomore album “We Are Still Wild Horses”, which was released back in February.
    The track was written by Michael Tomlinson. The remix version was produced by Mike Lindsay.
    MF Tomlinson said of the remix, “Mike's work as an artist and a producer is a massive inspiration, I was incredibly excited to hear he was up for doing a remix and of course, he did not disappoint! It's everything you want from that classic remix alchemy - transforming the emotional energy of the original into rhythmic energy. A most welcome surprise is from that theme of togetherness so central to this song, has emerged something quite seasonal (hence his inspired title).”
  • The new album “We Are Still Wild Horses” is his first project in two years since the 2021 debut album “Strange Time”.
    Consisting of 4 pieces of music, 40 minutes in length: side A contains 3 songs that build to its title track and central expansive closing piece on side B.
    The album finds him embarking on a journey into the self in search of hope and catharsis.
    MF Tomlinson said of the album, “In the darkest months of winter, I felt these worlds open up within me. In them, I walked free through sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying, uninhabited landscapes that teetered on the edge of nothingness. As you listen, maybe you'll recognise yourself as that solitary figure on the abyss. This is the sister record of Strange Time - another diary of a plague year. It is of a time but I do not think it is tied to it. In the end, we will always feel despair, disillusionment, hope, longing, insanity, rage, frustration, helplessness, and resignation. Through all of that, we are still wild horses.”

  • New Album “We Are Still Wild Horses”

    Photo by Craig PT
    Background photo by Ben Manning
  • source : Apple Music
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