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  • Eighty Ninety Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

  • New York City-based indie-pop duo Eighty Ninety, consisting of Abner James (vocals/production) and Harper James (guitar/production), released their highly-anticipated self-titled debut album on December 15, 2023.

    The album comprises a 10-track, featuring a guest appearance from Brooklyn-based music producer Middle Youth. Produced by Abner James and Harper James.
    Fusing intimate storytelling, sticky melodies, and minimalist pop productions built on acoustic instruments and electronic sounds, the album showcases the very best of their signature sound.
    “The album explores unspoken words, missed opportunities, and moments that may seem wasted,” the duo said of the album. “But it's not just about dwelling on these experiences - it's about how they combine to create a meaningful life. In these songs we wanted to reflect the transformative power of these moments, showing that as we navigate them we may discover depth, purpose, and genuine connection.”
  • The duo explained about some tracks for the album.

    “'Ruins' is a reflection of the past, the choices we didn't make and the 'what ifs' 'that still linger. We wanted to capture the ache of those missed opportunities and unspoken words and to reflect on our youth and the ruins we all carry with us. The rest of the album also explores how we shape our lives on the foundations of those ruins and their enduring impact on who we become.”

  • “Stay Alive”
    “'Stay Alive' is about how our struggles with mental health can affect our relationships and how the things we do to cope and the people we love — and who love us — can help to get us through life's hardest moments. For my whole life, music has been one of the tools I turn to as a listener and a musician, but I've never directly addressed it in a song before.
    The song is a promise to be there for myself and an acknowledgement that the more grounded part of me knows that those feelings pass, and I'll make it through to the other side. My hope is that it can also be a loving reminder to anyone else going through a hard time - and a promise to our audience that through our music we are and will always try to be there to help provide comfort and joy to anyone who listens.”

    “The Hard Way”
    “'The Hard Way' is about choosing to love someone no matter how much life intervenes. It's about being brave enough to make the choice to completely commit to a person, no matter the risk. It's about looking directly at all your fears about how things could go wrong and knowing that even if they all come to pass, it's still worth it.
    With the production we tried to evoke the sense of the relationship being increasingly tested by life, increasing the instrumentation with every chorus, almost like we are trying to break the song. But it holds - and by the end we're hoping the swelling percussion and harmonies feel uplifting; there's beauty in hope.”

    “2 Carat”
    “'2 Carat' is about coming to terms with the realization that the right person may have come (and gone) at the wrong time, when you weren't whole enough to be able to recognize or reciprocate their love. It's about the struggle to free yourself from cycles of questioning and regret so that you can make space in your life for a fuller self, new joy, and new love.”

    “Face Like A Sunset”
    “It's a song about the little moments when you realize you're falling in love, and how the very moment you realize you want to spend forever with someone, you begin to feel the press of time. A sunset is beautiful partly because you know it won't last.”

    Photo by Eric T. White
  • source : Apple Music
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