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  • Liam Barrack Releases New Song “Harder To Love”

  • Toronto-based singer-songwriter Liam Barrack released a new song “Harder To Love” on November 15, 2023.

    The song is the first single since his debut EP “Sines and Symptoms”, which was released back in September.
    It was written by Liam Barrack, Ryan Worsley, Brian Howes, and Ryan Worsley.
    “This is a song about respecting yourself enough to be upset with someone you're in a relationship with, despite how much you care about them,” Liam Barrack said of the song. “I think that many people have experienced some kind of relationship where it has been difficult to communicate with someone because they just won't listen, or they're stubborn, or you sometimes feel like maybe they don't respect you.”
    He added, “In this instance, it's about letting a relationship run its course, but it also touches on many of the steps that lead to such a thing.”
  • He sings, “Sing me the lyrics, no I don't think I can write them on my own / Play me a lullaby and show me how you think of all those chords”.
    He said, “These lyrics are the context of every song I write. Without that which affects me, there is no music. And to those who have hurt me, you've given me the lyrics and melody to everything I've ever written.”
    He continued, “It's harder to tell the people you have a relationship with that what they're doing upsets you, but it's important that you do.”

  • Photo by 400 LUX Club
  • source : Apple Music
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