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  • Anish Kumar Premieres New Song “Ringtone” on BBC Radio 1

  • Cambridge-based DJ Anish Kumar premiered a new song “Ringtone” on BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Clara Amfo.

    The song is his first music since the album “A Mixtape by Anish Kumar”, which was released back in August.
    He made the song in Sri Lanka in February. The track was written and produced by Anish Kumar.
    “It was made in February when I was in Sri Lanka actually. It's seriously beautiful a lot of natural beauty in that country. So green, so many animals about, I love that,” Anish Kumar told Clara Amfo about the song. “I mean, the story is I was there. I was there on business. I'm training to be a vet and I was there at a neuter clinic. So the vet was giving out free surgeries to anyone who had who could bring in a stray or being in a community dog. So her phone was just going nonstop. It was just on a loop every day.”
  • He continued, “And I kept hearing this ring and thinking I kind of want to do something with this is the probably can't really turn it off even if you're meant to be doing something else. So I thought when I'm getting back, I'm sampling this and I'm flipping into some sort of garage type tune because I can't unhear it and it was really frustrating me while I was there. So fast forward that's kind of how this happened, which is called 'ringtone'.”

  • He added, “There in the periphery of my mind, but honestly, I've just been in this mood of like trying to make a tune with as little as possible. And just not over producing things. And this is kind of one of I guess a good example of that. It's literally just it's not even I've not even gone and sampled a ringtone I sampled out my phone while it was playing in the clinic. So it's kind of poor quality and bare bones but I quite like that quality of it. I think it works that.”
  • source : BBC Radio 1
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