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  • Zach Seabaugh Releases Debut Album “Mr. Nobody”

  • Nashville-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Zach Seabaugh released his debut album “Mr. Nobody” on October 6, 2023.

    The album comprises 12-track, featuring a guest appearance from Chance Peña, Produced by Blake Ruby, Cam Becker, Chance Peña, Connor James, John Townsend, Robyn Dell' and Unto.
    The album features the fresh perspective of a 24-year-old navigating the complexities of young adulthood and the excitement and heartache of relationships paired with ethereal guitars and dreamy vocals.
    Zach Seabaugh said of the album, “Mr. Nobody is a collection of songs from the past 2 years. A little bit of love, heartbreak, 'oh wells', and searching for what is next,” says Seabaugh. “It's a rollercoaster of emotions, including both exciting and sad times, but that's what this process has been like searching through my early twenties trying to find myself. I've learned a lot about myself and the people around me through this project and I hope these songs reach the people that need them most and can help them feel less alone.”
  • Zach Seabaugh explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Slingshot” featuring Chance Peña via Pop Culturalist
    “It was August of last year. I graduated college in May and entered into my publishing deal. I was on fire to write songs. I wanted to get inspired, so I went with my brother-in-law to the High Sierra Mountains in California. We spent a few days out there, just hiking in the woods. I got back to LA to work with Chance. I felt really inspired. I was really happy. I felt like I was on cloud nine the whole time I was out there. It was an evening when I was at his apartment. We were watching the sun go down. We looked at each other and went inside the studio and started writing it.”

  • “Not How I Want To”
    “I wrote this song with Chance Peña in 2021. As I started singing, the words just fell out of the sky. The song is about saying goodbye to somebody you spent time with, and I really feel like a part of me was speaking to my former self. This song came out of a time when I was writing from a really honest place. There's a lot to unpack in the song emotionally. I wrote this song as a way to clear my mind and work through the realization that people come and go, and for good reason. To some this may be heartbreak and a relationship that wasn't meant to be - to others it may be that the person you are isn't the person you used to be.”

    “I Miss Who You Were”
    “I wrote 'I Miss Who You Were' with Chance Peña back in 2021. It's a song about two people going their separate ways, and the flood of feelings one deals with from that process. Everybody is continually changing every day and I hope this song connects with people in their own seasons of growth, loss, and life.”

    “Girl In a Coffee Shop” via Pop Culturalist
    “The idea for “Girl in a Coffee Shop” came from these missed connections that I think people experience each and every day depending on where they are. I was in a coffee shop one day, and I looked across the room. That sparked the idea for me to create this world where I had the chance to go up and meet somebody that I knew nothing about. It's also a little bit of a hopeless romantic thing and how we sometimes romanticize those scenarios. I hope that anybody that ever felt that way can hear the song and feel heard.”

    “Maybe We Do”
    “Maybe We Do is a story about being scared and excited to pursue a relationship with someone. It's full of the questions that come along with possibility. Will this work out? What will happen if it doesn't? Is it worth getting your heart broken?. I wrote this with Melissa Fuller and Brett Truitt. We wanted to keep it simple, like an intimate conversation between two people. I think it really speaks to a universal experience and I hope people will hear it and be inspired to lean in on the opportunities in their lives.”
  • source : Apple Music
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