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  • James Arthur Releases New Song “Just Us”

  • Last month, British singer-songwriter James Arthur announced his fifth studio album “Bitter Sweet Love” would be released on January 26, 2024 via Columbia records.

    The album comprises 16-track, produced by Steve Solomon, who finished it at Miloco Studios in London.
    James Arthur said, “The more albums you make and the more success you have, the more the pressure tends to be upon you. But I genuinely felt like a kid again, just making music I loved, not worried about trying to please everyone.”
    From the album, he released a new song “Just Us” along with a music video on October 6, 2023.
    The song is the third single off of the album, following “Blindside” and “A Year Ago”.
    It was written by James Arthur, Andrew Jackson, and Steven Solomon, who also produced the track.
    James Arthur said of the song, “'Just Us' is a song in which I confess to running away from what really matters and getting lost in the pursuit of validation from external things. It's about chasing a hedonistic, hollow life. Realising the true meaning of life which is of course about true love, loving ourselves, our families and our communities and being there for them.”
  • James Arthur said of making of “Just Us”, “I thought that I'd written a song that was maybe too big for me at one point during that day. Cause I sat down and I was actually when I sat down at the piano I was actually kind of taking the piss at first like I know it sounds daft but I was like I can't stand being the cause of the tears and I was like sort of joking really like I'm gonna write this like corny love and then the people in the room were like that's actually that's actually good.”
    He continued, “The vocal was something that I was yeah, I thought like you know will I have to come back and do this again, will I have to come back and really do like a proper vocal session. I think because I'd been playing it all day and got accustomed to it I was never gonna be able to better than what I did on the day. It's moment in time that that tune. I don't think it could have sounded better than it ended up sounding on that day. I think if you go back and you try and like do it better you end up just losing probably you end up trying too hard I think. When the gospel choir were on it then there was bits at the end that I could feed off that that I ended up putting in after but the meet of the song is the demo really.”

  • Photo by James Kellegher
  • source : Apple Music
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