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  • stardrop Releases New Song “CROWN ON”

  • Canadian singer-songwriter stardrop released a new song “CROWN ON” on October 5, 2023.

    The song is the follow-up to “Juicy”, which was released back in July.
    Both songs will appear on her upcoming debut album.
    The track was written by stardrop, Tennyson King, and Dan Hosh. Produced by Tennyson King, and Dan Hosh.
    stardrop said of the song, “As a young girl I was fed the idea that women are helpless and if you just focus on being pretty and sweet then a man will come along and rescue you. I used to make fun of these narratives in princess movies without even realising that I was caught in this same trap - a princess locked away in a tower waiting, and waiting. Waiting for my big break as a performer, waiting for a man to come along and make me feel loved and valued. My song, 'Crown On,' was inspired by the moment I broke free from this trap, and climbed outta that dang tower by myself!”
  • She continued, “When I started writing the song I didn't feel empowered at all. I had just given up on my dreams of being an actress and moved back home with my parents. I was not feeling, (as the lyric goes) 'I'm right where I need to be.' I felt frustrated and stuck. It wasn't until I teamed up with producers Tennyson King and Dan Hosh to finish the song and ultimately rewrite my own narrative.”
    She added, “The title of the song is 'Crown On,' and that symbolism of 'putting your crown on' is all about stepping into your personal power. It's that moment when you stop asking for permission, and realise you have agency over your life. When I think of 'putting my crown on,' it makes me feel confident and wise, powerful in my femininity.”
    The accompanying music video was directed by stardrop.
    stardrop said of the video, “I like to go beyond just the music - in collaboration with Scott MacKay, we've created story-based, character-driven, music videos that visually capture the essence of stardrop and my message.”

  • She made the debut album with producers Tennyson King, and Dan Hosh. The album still doesn't have a set release date.
    stardrop said of the album, “I recently recorded my first album with Toronto based producers Tennyson King and Dan Hosh; a collection of self-love anthems that grant us all permission to be unapologetically ourselves.”
    She continued, “Ever since I was little I've felt a little lost on this planet, searching for my home in the stars. Growing up, the world inside me always felt much larger than the world I experienced outside of me. The only place I felt I could understand myself was through art and music, because it had no limits. My big emotions and longing to feel understood has led to a deep passion for exploring the power of self-expression. So I welcome you to the world of stardrop, a place where misfits and deep feelers can come together and feel empowered.”

    Photo by Scott MacKay
  • source : Spotify
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