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  • Helen Townsend Returns With New Song “Is This Love”

  • Fremantle-based singer-songwriter Helen Townsend returned with a new song “Is This Love” on September 26, 2023.

    It is her first music in two years since the 2021 EP “Love Lies 'n' Leaving”.
    Also, the song is the first single off of her upcoming sophomore album.
    The new album builds from her previous 2 EP's and her debut album “Little Lover”.
    The track was written by Helen Townsend. The accompanying music video was directed by Reilly Stewart and Dan Wilson.
    The video is part one of a video mini-series of music videos alternating between Helen Townsend and Shannon Smith, telling the story of their romance, the crashing breakdown and the road back to each other.
    Each song released is from their perspectives and dives head first into the giddy feeling of love, the depths of gut wrenching heart ache, self reflection and ultimately celebration of Love again.
  • Helen Townsend said of the song, This song was written for Shannon Smith when we first met. Although it's a very upbeat Honky Tonk tune, I was feeling very smitten, confused, thrilled, cautious & fearful all at once. But of course the test of time has proven true and it is.
    She continued, “I can't thank this wonderful man enough for all the love, support, dad jokes, ability to have fun and play the fool, for standing beside me, for encouraging me and being solid in his own path. For pushing through false beliefs that didn't serve him (or us) to create a new existence with me, for us both to thrive. (More on that story to come… why not jump over to his Socials to hear it first hand?) For endless hours learning my music, being a sounding board to my emotional ups n downs and for your ear that picks things up in a mix that skips mine - oh and the admin... all the admin!!!! There is so much more to you than just the above. This song would not be here without you Shannon Smith and I would hate to be here without you!”

  • Photo by Andrea Thompson
  • source : Apple Music
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