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  • Madison Beer Releases New Album “Silence Between Songs”

  • American singer-songwriter Madison Beer released her sophomore album “Silence Between Songs” on September 15, 2023 via Epic Records.

    The album is her first body of work in two years since the 2021 debut album “Life Support”.
    Madison Beer said in a statement, “I’ve learned so much about myself and my artistry on the journey of the last two years since my last record. This album tells the story of so many different pieces of me that I discovered in the moments of pause where I settled down from the noise and learned the most about myself. I hope my fans are as inspired listening to it as I was when creating it.”
    The album comprises 14-track, produced by Fred Ball, Madison Beer, Leroy Clampitt, James Francies, and One Love.
    The album is influenced by some of her favorite artists, especially American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.
    She sent the new album to Lana Del Rey prior to its release.
    Madison Beer told Rolling Stone, “There’s so many people that influenced this record. I was definitely consuming a lot of [the] Beatles and Beach Boys, and, you know, always Lana [Del Rey].”
  • Madison Beer said of the album, “Probably just me like I really like a lot of different types of music. I also just feel like I've been through a lot of different things that I want to sing about, like I know that when I made life support my last album, I was very much so like, inspired by a breakup that I had. And that was like the main topic of the album. But this album specifically is very, I don't know, I really, really wanted to write about things that were super personal. Like I didn't anticipate writing a song about my brother, and it's one of my favorites on the record. So I feel like I'm just kind of always going with what my brain tells me to do. And I am definitely not in the driver's seat. Like I just, I'm like, oh, okay, today we want to write about this. This is the inspiration we're doing it.”
    She added, “I feel so proud of this body of music. Like it's really my best work thus far. And I am just proud of the things I talk about the things I say like I just feel I feel like I'm in a really good place with myself and my music and yeah, like I said, I'm just proud.”

  • Madison Beer explained about some tracks for the album.

    “Music has always been what I've turned to but I think that like when I wrote 'Spinnin' and I definitely felt like I was in sort of this like never ending cycle. I was in like this really anxious place. I remember saying to my therapist, like I don't see this ever ending. I see this being how I'm going to be for the rest of my life. And that was like a really scarily impending sort of emotion that I've never felt before. I've gone through, you know, like hard times and whether it's like depressive episodes or whatnot, but I've always kind of been able to be like, I'll get through this hopefully, but for some reason at this point in my life, I felt like this was going to be forever and that was just a really scary feeling. And that is honestly where this came from was just being like I don't see myself getting out, and thank God I did.
    This song is a reflection of a time when everything seemed to stand still. I felt like every day was a cycle and I was stuck in such an anxious place, yet I could finally explore the thoughts and emotions in my head. I dreamed of a video that was cinematic and visually striking that brought those emotions to life, and I’m so proud of what we created.”

    “Sweet Relief”
    “The song is really about having a crush and being smitten over somebody. It’s the sexier sort of song on the album.”

    “Envy the Leaves”
    “This song was really inspired by leaves. That was the driving inspiration. Recorded the song on like a bunch of vocal pads and stuff, and just this concept of “I envy the leaves”. And then we went with it, and yeah, those went away, they didn’t fit anywhere in the song. We knew the concept was something we wanted to explore, but we just did not know the direction it would end up in.”

    “This song was written about trauma, just kidding. I would say 17 to 21, which is the other age I reference in this song, were some of the hardest years of my life. So yeah, I decided to write about that. A lot of people pointed this out and noticed this, but I say the same two ages in this song as I do in my song “Dear Society”. I say in “Dear Society”, 'Been 21 since 17', and in this song '17', the only two ages I talk about are 21 and 17. There are like a lot of callbacks and references to my own music, I do that a lot. Also, something I wanted to make kind of clear in this song was like always prefacing the chorus with like, 'I hope she knows I wouldn’t blame her', ‘cause I think it’s important to give your younger self as much empathy as possible. ‘Cause obviously I was only doing the best I could at the time with like the tools I was given. So I kind of try to make that also clear. Like, I hope she knows I never blame her. Even though, I can look back and feel sad about certain things, I don’t blame my younger self or anything.”

    “This is the song, my song, all of them are my songs, but this is my song. Whenever I get asked the question, 'What is your favorite song on the album?' It’s not an easy question to answer, but when I am forced to give an answer, the answer is always 'Ryder'. I’ve always wanted to write something, and I think this kind of goes back into what I said in my other video about like, writing my book, which was kind of like a journey, my mental health, my story, whatever. That really helped me to be able to feel like I could articulate some of these difficult things to talk about. And this was one of them, and it actually wasn’t difficult at all, and it actually wasn’t difficult at all, it was like a really beautiful, fun writing experience. Like, we all really enjoyed writing it. Yeah, so I feel like I just really wanted to write this song for my brother, about my brother. I feel like I have written a lot of songs that are you know, about romantic romantic relationships. And I think that is obviously standard, and totally fine, and I have plenty of romantic songs that are on this album. I think there are so many different relationships that life has to offer you, and the one with your sibling is very important, and I think it can also be very complex. Ryder has played definitely one of, if not the most important roles in my life. Felt like it was time to give him a song. This one’s for you Ryder. Shout out to Ryder, we love you.”

    “I Wonder”
    “Spinnin was always first but we didn’t know what for sure was going to be the last. And this was my intention was for this to be the response to Spinnin. Spinnin’s lyrics are did the world stop spinning? Nothing seems to change. This one’s like I woke up happy, I wonder why.”

    Madison Beer “At Your Worst”
    “The track 8 is weirdly the one I was just talking about. Probably a 10/10 – for me personally writing it that’s where i was – very special song to me.”

    “Showed Me (How I Fell in Love with You)”
    “Writing and making the video for 'Showed Me' was a really unique experience. This song samples The Turtles 'You Showed Me.' I've never used sampling or interpolation on a song before, but I'm always looking for new ways to experiment in the studio and pay homage to the classic sounds and melodies I loved growing up. This song is the perfect culmination of those things.”

    “Home To Another One”
    “I wrote another one about six months ago, and it was actually one of the later additions to my album, so I'm really excited to have it as a lead single. I love creating this music video so much I was really inspired by the idea of making the person I was in love with someone that was not from this planet. I thought that was an interesting spin on the message of the song. And I love movies like 'Barbarella' or 'Mars Attacks'. And I thought that leaning into sort of this vintage space age kind of feel would be really interesting. And it's something that I've always been really attracted to.”

    “Dangerous is the start of a more honest, vulnerable and mature chapter… It’s about accepting that some situations didn’t pan out the way you imagined. And it’s about questioning your own responsibility in a relationship. I’m really excited for fans to hear this new side and hope they love it as much as I do!”

    “’Reckless’ was written about how easy it is for some people in relationships to hurt others and move on without any guilt. People have so much power over their partner’s feelings, yet many still choose to treat each other carelessly. I believe there is a balance to putting ourselves and our feelings first, while knowing we have the responsibility of treating people with respect, kindness, and consideration. It’s so important to find that balance in every relationship and knowing when to move on if you can’t.”

    Photo by Le3ay
  • source : Apple Music
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