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  • eee gee Releases New Album “SHE-REX”

  • Danish singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist, aka eee gee released her sophomore album “SHE-REX” on September 1, 2023.

    The album comprises 12-track, including a cover of Bee Gees' “More Than A Woman” and features a guest appearance from Australian producer Harvey Sutherland on “perfect 10”.
    The album builds on a sentimental, important and at times humorous tale of a young woman's winding path through life crises, heartbreak and complete delusions of grandeur. And so, it begins and ends in outer space, first with the title track painting a picture of an anxious female dinosaur in love, facing the total extinction of the entire planet, and then final song “space anxiety”.
    Emma Grankvist said of the album, “It's about setting the right scene for the music and I came up with 'SHE-REX' for the album title. Rex is Latin for king, so SHE-REX must be the reigning queen or 'she king'! The word also associates with the violent and aggressive behavior of a T-Rex - the most feared dinosaur of them all - so in that way 'SHE-REX' becomes a framework that gives me the bravery to be vulnerable, romantic, strong, angry, fearful, introverted and colorful as a songwriter. I also like the idea that my debut album was called 'Winning' - a sports analogy, where with 'SHE-REX' I'm moving up to the royal ranks.”
  • Emma Grankvist told Rolling Stone about the album, “It's interesting because on my new album I've experimented with disco, so maybe I am getting closer to the songs that get played at the peak of the party and the peak of festivals!”
    She continued, “The title is a rather sarcastic response to my first album, that was a very emotional record and about never really knowing where you're standing with yourself. You know, trying to work with all the self care and self awareness in a world that is trying to pull you apart.”
    She added, “It's an extension of that and, you know, T-Rex represents a primal and aggressive instinct. There's a softer touch on the record too, but it has that I want to conquer the world feel, which felt very appropriate for a second album. It’s also funny that Rex in Latin is king, because of course they had to give the biggest dinosaur male characteristics. I thought it was funny to make it into a She-Rex. The She King! It’s a fun word play and it has a strong base in humour and tongue in cheek lyrics.”

  • Emma Grankvist explained about some tracks for the album.

    “school reunion”
    “Have you ever been invited to a school reunion and been equally excited and anxious about how it would feel to attend? The fear that everyone has evolved and grown up except for you, that you're the only unevolved Pokemon present and everyone else are millionaires and have 3 perfect kids and a dentist husband. But then somehow there's still a magnetic pull that makes you wanna go: could it be that boy you fell in love with when you were 13 years old? And you wonder what he's like today, if he's dashingly handsome and maybe he's attending just to see you! This could be your moment. That's how I felt when I received a school reunion invite last year.”

    “ghost house”
    “I have a good friend who fell in love with this guy – a cliché of a cool, free-spirited surfer-dude with nice hair and that one-in-a-million look. They went all in on what seemed to be a match made in heaven. He even talked about her on the phone with his mom. However, one day my friend found out that he was actually dating several other girls and that he was anything but ready for a serious relationship,”
    Dating is haunted. If anyone should ever have a chance to find real love when looking for it, you probably need to break up with your own bad habits and expectations of what you think you need first. Ask yourself, why do you want to fall in love? If you find the answer, I believe you're most likely able to meet new exciting people with the right intentions.”

    “perfect 10”
    “Perfect 10 is about that never ending search for balance, communication and love in a relationship.”

    “More Than A Woman” (Bee Gees cover)
    “Singing the lyrics to More Than A Woman, as a woman, almost feels like transcending my gender, like getting a hyper focus on my journey from girl to woman, just to be reminded what's actually the core of me.
    We had so much fun doing this version of the song, it was the first time Rasmus Bille Bähncke and I worked with Abe Seifert, he's an amazing musician, producer and mixer, he played the guitar and pedal steel, Rasmus played all the synth colors and strings and we just fell in love with the whole vibe, at last Tom Marsh (who's been playing with Lana Del Rey for the past 9 years(!)😭) added the drums to the track and the whole thing just came together.
    We loved the idea of nailing an eee gee version of a Bee Gees song, that in itself felt like it was too meant to be, we couldn't really find a fun different cover of the song either, so it was like there was a secret opportunity hidden in the universe just waiting for us to unravel it!!”

    Photo by Niklas Adrian Vindelev
  • source : Apple Music
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